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Incredible Benefits of wearing Panna (Emerald) gemstone

Author: Navratan Gems
by Navratan Gems
Posted: May 03, 2021

Gorgeous green-colored Panna or Emerald Gemstone represents growth and hope. This symbol of vitality and nourishment not only adds to your beauty but also balances your heart and soul. Today, as we have numerous options to buy gemstones online, we can now avail of their extraordinary advantages simply by sitting at our homes too.

Panna Ratna or Emerald Gemstone is ruled by planet Mercury or ‘Budh Grah’. This member of the Beryl mineral family is a widely popular stone of the famous Navratna group. As per Indian Vedic astrology, Panna is best suited to the zodiac sign of Virgo and Gemini while according to western astrology science Emerald is the Birthstone for May month. An emerald gem benefits the overall health of its wearer, including mental as well as physical state. Let us see how.

Mental Health: -

The Green ray of emerald gemstone symbolizes hope and positivity. Those who are experiencing mental stress, negative vibes, or headaches on a regular basis, can avail immediate benefits by wearing a Panna gemstone ring. By banishing all the distractions and discouragement, an emerald also helps you to stay focused during the crucial times or important tasks of your life. Since the mental and physical health of an individual is severely aligned, it is vital to have a sound mental health, as it performs endless activities throughout the day and takes care of us. Expert astrologers highly vouch for wearing the Panna gem for achieving a healthy and sound mental state.

Emerald is a renowned emotional healer. It synchronizes the mind and the body of its wearer and brings out an effective mental consciousness. In order to deliver peace of mind, this beautiful gemstone provides you with a strengthened memory and better mental clarity. However, the impacts of this supernatural gemstone may vary from person to person. Therefore, it is recommended to wear it after the complete guidance of a learned astrologer or gemologist.

Physical Health: -

Panna gemstone is associated with the heart. Carrying a high healing effect on both the emotional and physical of the heart, Emerald stone is considered the best gem to treat all sorts of heart ailments. It stimulates the heart chakra effectively. Wearing a Panna stone also delivers relief in stomach linings and other stomach disorders. It is also used in the treatment of epilepsy, rheumatism, and internal organs like the kidney, liver, pancreas, and gallbladders. Emerald water application is beneficial for eye healing. In order to ensure a perfect mental and physical balance, emerald acts really well.

Wearing Panna or emerald jewelry helps you to overcome insomnia and also assists you in sinusitis and bronchitis problems. This magical stone is believed to bless you with an improved immune and nervous system. Panna not only bestows the native with a good physical health but also brings harmony around the life of its wearer. Its astrological health benefits include improved senses and a relaxed mind. By calming skin, Emerald relieves in skin-related ailments like rashes, irritations, infections, or allergies.

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To avail the best and maximum astrological benefits, it is always recommended to wear only a natural Panna gemstone. Visit Navratan, the online gem Bazar for premium quality Emeralds online or certified Panna online at the most reasonable price.

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