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Additional Coverage Features You Can Add to Your Accident Insurance Plan

Author: Aaina Khan
by Aaina Khan
Posted: May 04, 2021

Life throws unexpected curveballs at us that take our breath away and make us scramble to make sense of what happened. Facing an accident is a terrible thing with wide-ranging implications. This article discusses its repercussions on one’s health and financial life.

Present, tense?

An accident is a horrible catastrophe that one may go through. Some people get away with just flesh wounds. Others might get seriously injured or maimed for life. In the worst case, one may lose their life.

The financial implications of accidents are as severe as the event itself. Medical costs in India’s private hospitals are high indeed. A single night in the hospital can cost thousands of Rupees in bed hire, diagnostic tests, surgery, doctors’ visits, medicines, ambulance costs, etc. Then there are post-operation costs, therapy, medication, and so on. The costs of treating an injury are humongous and can stretch your income to its maximum limits.

Now imagine that the earning member of the family meets with an accident that injures them so badly, they can no longer work like before. Or the most unfortunate event takes place and they are absent forever. The loss of income can hit family members hard, especially if there are unpaid debts, dependant parents and growing children in the home.

Buying a good accident insurance policy is a solution to solve this future uncertainty arising out of an accident.

Do you need accident insurance?

Everybody needs insurance against an unpredictable future. We are seldom accountable for the actions of others, and when a mistake causes an accident that involves you, there are severe repercussions not just on you but also on your loved ones. Nobody can afford to go through life thinking that they are safe from financial uncertainty just because they have savings in the bank and a few investments to their name. An accident can upend life as you know it in the blink of an eye. It can take away life, cause hardship to your loved ones, suspend your child’s education plans, and even cause penury with the loss of your income.

If you care about yourself and the future of your loved ones in the absence of your income, then you need to buy an accident insurance plan. It is offered as an addition to the best health insurance policies in India.

What can you add to the accident insurance policy?

The best insurance providers in India offer intuitively designed policies that account for not just death or disability arising out of an accident, but its economic repercussions on the family. Be sure to choose a thoughtfully-designed plan that lets you add benefits that can be useful to your loved ones in your absence due to an accident:

For instance, if the insurer has two plans, check the sum insured and also if there are benefits like:

  • Option to choose coverage for hospitalisation expenses
  • Financial protection for child dependent on the deceased or disabled person affected by the accident
  • Coverage for the whole family and/or individuals
  • Coverage for loss of job

Buy accident coverage today

Every person in India must have health insurance to secure against a drain on resources if they ever require treatment or hospitalisation. Some of the best health insurance policies in India today offer personal accident coverage that is a valuable aid for individuals and families grappling with the trauma of accidents. Check out the leading insurers in India offering these plans and proceed to buy one online at the earliest – it helps to be prepared for the future!
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