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What is Manga, and why is it famous?

Author: Abdul Rauf Khal'id
by Abdul Rauf Khal'id
Posted: May 08, 2021
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Manga has been linked to various elements of Japanese culture and society, particularly motherhood, art, social relationships and traditions, gender, modern culture, real history, as well as a religion by academics and commentators. This relates to the likelihood of a fresh cultural revival for Japan, with significantly increased creative freedom as well as a higher degree of appreciation, interest, or appreciation for Japan's conceptual art heritage and traditions, both nationally and overseas. Manga ????? has long been an integral part of Japanese heritage and culture, and their prominence has risen steadily over time. While Manga is most prominent in Japan, Manga has increased in popularity significantly throughout the last two decades almost all over the world. The reasons of the popularity of Manga are as follows:


The reason why Manga??????????? became so popular not only in Japan but all over the world is the unpredictability it provides. Many viewers who read comic books have told and demonstrated that the ending of the Manga is difficult to predict. The viewer love how the ending turns out to be totally different from what they have imagined. If you buy some manga books or novels, you will notice that every book has the different subject or topic, and the ending is not traditional like we see in all movies (that is most of the time predictable).


Another reason for the popularity of the Manga is that it is very unique. There was never a concept of a storytelling through the use of drawings or pictures. When Manga got introduced, it was the first book that connected with the readers because of its different nature. People used to read the novels and used to imagine the scenarios, but the Manga gave the proper scene to the viewers. Because of this, people felt more connected to the Manga, and it became famous in no time.


The most famous factor of the Manga is it has a proper ending in each chapter. The story does not end in every chapter, and it continues in the next chapter. But the major story is depicted in a way that every chapter leaves the viewer in suspense, just like the series of the Netflix. For the kids' funny manga, the same things happen, but the style of entertainment is slightly changed. The Manga is written and composed in a funny way for kids.

Comes every week

Just like the novels, Manga comes and gets publishes every week. Users wait for the Manga to continue the story where it was left. The wait, the suspense that what is going to happen in the next chapter keeps the audience hooked to the Manga. As it costs less and gets publishes in no time because it is mostly black and white, its accessibility is quite easy for the viewers.


Manga is just like a comic book for the kids and a novel for the adults but with the presence of pictures to enhance the experience of storytelling.

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