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7 Incredible Influencer Marketing Platform Transformations

Author: Atul Singh
by Atul Singh
Posted: May 14, 2021
influencer marketing

An influencer marketing platform is a software solution that is designed with the objective of assisting brands in running their influencer marketing campaigns. It offers brands tools and a searchable database of potential influencers allowing them to connect with a suitable influencer for brand promotion.

Influencer marketing is growing at a fast pace. A recent report by Takumi states 73% of the marketers surveyed allocated more resources to influencer marketing. However, influencer marketing platforms have not been the same always. Influencer marketing companies and agencies have transformed a lot owing to the recent trends in this digital marketing tool.

Here are 7 top transformations in the influencer marketing platforms:

  • Influencer marketing has moved from having a large number of followers to having a better engagement and relatability with the audience. Owing to this, these platforms are making way for nano and micro-influencers and are connecting them with suitable brands.
  • These platforms are moving beyond social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube to platforms that allow live streaming options. However, witnessing the new trend, these social media platforms too have come-up with live streaming options.
  • The other influencer marketing trend that has transformed these platforms is the increased inclination of the audience towards audio and video content. Videos have always been more engaging than text and images and hence this is what the audience prefers these days. Podcasts are gaining popularity when it comes to audio content. Influencer marketing platforms have thus come up with options making it easier for influencers to connect with the audience.
  • The use of artificial intelligence is helping these platforms in connecting with the right target audience. Integration of AI is enabling brands to connect with the suitable influencer having the potential of promoting their product among the right target audience. Furthermore, AI is being used to track how a user behaves and what a user prefers to watch when on social media. All these insights help brands customize their campaigns.
  • CGI influencers are the new big transformation. CGI stands of Computer Generated Imagery Influencers. These are not real influencers but it is difficult to differentiate them from real-life influencers. Being a new trend in influencer marketing, it lays complete control in the hands of the brands over how their stories will be showcased among the audience.
  • The industry has come up with stricter regulations for influencers making it a new trend in this field. This is done with the main objective of increasing transparency regarding the information that will be shared with the audience.
  • A data-driven approach is another transformation seen in these platforms. Insights backed with data along with real-time performance tracking assists brands in making informed decisions for scaling up their sales.

Influencer marketing is the new oil when it comes to the world of digital marketing. Transformations like these and many more are likely to evolve these platforms for the benefit of influencers, marketers, and the audience.

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