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5 Foods to Stay Cool This Summer

Author: Sarah Kahlon
by Sarah Kahlon
Posted: May 14, 2021

There are definite indications that summer is here in full swing and is likely to be very hot and stuffy.

The warm, dry weather of the summer is great for downing those cooling drinks, and it is important to avoid giving yourself a disturbed stomach if you do not want an issue with your system to arise.

You should avoid foods that make you feel warm and lethargic when you're hot.

More work is done by the body during the summer seasons, making the person feel irritable, less able to relax, less healthy, and less well-rested.

According to healthy eating journal articles drinking plenty of water is essential. Still, it will not allow you to lower your body temperature if you consume so much food that makes you warmer.

Healthy foods that will keep you cool this summer ยท Soybean

You may be familiar with Nutrela in food and product packaging shelves in supermarkets.

Soybean foods are an excellent protein and dietary mineral food source as well as a major source of other nutrients, such as vitamin B.

It is a complete protein, highly nutritious, and suitable for vegans and those with dietary restrictions, including those that are lactose intolerant or avoiding dairy products.

So, make a wonderful soy-centered feasting experience and keep your body full of energy yet cool.

  • Kidney beans
Tasty, easy, and warming to the heart is what healthy eating journal articles say about rajma-chawal.

Kidney beans are both nutritious and have a high percentage of thiamine, riboflavin, calcium, zinc, and potassium and a number of basic vitamins and minerals, such as trace minerals.

It also has the advantage of being very low on the stomach and that too without any internal body heat.

  • Broccoli
Among the vegetables, it is renowned for its nutrient content. It protects you from tumors and boosts the immune system in the same manner as cabbage and cauliflower.

A clinical trial showed that a form of cabbage, which binds with bile acids in the digestive tract, works to remove cholesterol from our body and keeps us cool, calm, and stable.

  • Cucumber
There are several ways to consume cucumber. You can simply sprinkle some lemon juice and salt on it to serve it.

Cucumber helps you to maintain your hydration and helps to gives you beautiful glowing skin from the inside!

It claims to also help keep you feeling fuller for a longer time while potentially helping you to get rid of chemicals from the body.

  • Yogurt
People who eat yogurt are not only protected from illness, but they also preserve healthy bones. It is recommended that you should eat this when the season is warm and enjoy it with a little salt or turn it into raita for a delectable dish.

It is enjoyable, tasty, and good for the whole season, and light and easy on the stomach for digestion.


Healthy eating journal articles even recommend that foods with a higher pH have a greater tendency to neutralize acid, so it is very crucial to eat alkaline foods to help combat the body's natural acidity and heat during summers.

Your body would be able to properly re-hydrate with food high in antioxidants, and staying hydrated with liquids with antioxidants is what helps your overall wellbeing.

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