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Five Things to Avoid when Shipping from China to USA

Author: Sarah Kahlon
by Sarah Kahlon
Posted: May 15, 2021
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Americans love imports from China. Today, many American products such as Nike and Apple are made in China. But does shipping from China to USA seem impossible? As a novice, is this difficult for you?

Yes, your concern is perfectly reasonable. The import process is a bit complicated. In this article, we aim to pave the way for you. You need to avoid a few mistakes to have perfect shipping.

Considering the world as a global village improves the business relationships among different countries. This is one of the reasons that why China is well-known enough to be the origin of most transfers in the world.

Rush into choices?

In the Chinese market, it is necessary to consider all the options before concluding contracts. Due to the boom in China shipping and production industry, there is a great variety in price and quality. So do not settle for the first options. Search and compare prices. Because your goal in shipping from China to USA is to reduce production costs and optimize your supply chain.

The choice of shipping method and logistics services should be based on the type and size of your goods. Because each shipment requires special transportation and storage conditions as well as different loading equipment. Negligence in making the right choices leads to financial and time losses in your shipping from China to the USA.

Avoid extra costs and heavy fines

You need to do all the steps correctly to avoid paying too much. One of the problems that importers face is preparing customs documents and doing administrative work. You can check the official US Customs website to make sure the documents and permits are correct. Some of the main documents are:

  • US customs Invoice
  • Commercial Invoice
  • BoL or AWB
  • Packing list

If they are not complete or correct, customs will not release your goods and problems will begin. Do not think of forging documents and evading taxes. Because it has consequences and you may not be allowed to import from China to USA ever again.

Do not sacrifice quality for price when shipping from China to the USA

The first step in having cost effective shipping from China to USA is to understand your product, the type, size and its weight. Here, your goal is to find services that suit your product needs. As regards, there are all kinds of services at different prices in the high-demand market of China. You should not just look for the lowest price. Choose the best quality at reasonable prices to avoid delays and possible damages.

Avoid improper packaging materials

The right packaging plays an important role in the safety of your product. For example, in air freight, it is necessary to use light packaging materials.

Do not do your shipping from China alone!

The most important and smart decision to have cost effective and excellent shipping from China to USA is to get help from a freight forwarder. They can easily manage the whole process and find the best prices for you. It also saves you time and money because they are experienced and have good relationships in the Chinese market.

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Author: Sarah Kahlon
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