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How to Keep Opened Coffee Package Fresh & Store it the Right Way at Home

Author: Ranny Watson
by Ranny Watson
Posted: May 17, 2021
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You've just bought your coffee beans at wholesale from your favorite local coffee roasters and wholesalers near you. And I've just finished grinding a fresh round of coffee beans for several weeks in advance. At this rate, you don't anticipate finishing this ground coffee any time soon. Afraid that your coffee might become stale? Afraid that the coffee will not taste or smell fresh any longer? There is no need to fear at all! Here's everything you need to know about keeping an already opened in-ground coffee package extremely fresh and storing it the right way for future use.

Following these guidelines could help you in a massive way by preserving your fresh roasted coffee as well as hard-earned cash is not wasted. In order to do that, It's important to understand a few principal questions and how to answer them to help you in the long term to keep a coffee fresh.

How long does ground coffee stay fresh generally?

The truth be told, regardless of the message of storage you use, coffee that's freshly ground stays fresh for about 2 to 3 weeks after it's opened from the package. And then gradually, after this three-week period, coffee begins to lose its flavor and nuance.

Generally speaking, if you make a pot of coffee per day, a bag of good coffee beans bought wholesale tends to last about this exact period of time. Therefore instead of investing in huge canisters, you may want to buy coffee beans wholesale but a variety of different roast types.

How then can you keep coffee fresh after opening the package?

Fortunately, the answer is quite simple-it is best to store every new bag of coffee in a container; there is nothing other than the bag it came in. Show some of the elements that keep the freshly ground coffee beans fresh For a longer period of time:

  • Stability of the climate - by keeping the climate table around the coffee, you could preserve the freshness of the coffee for the longest period of time.

  • Not exposing the coffee to sunlight- Sunlight is quite harmful to the coffee in terms of its freshness and taste. It is best to store coffee away from the sunlight.

  • By degassing the beans, one allows a buildup of carbon dioxide to escape from the coffee. Doing so keeps the coffee fresh for a long time.

Is it alright to freeze ground coffee?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions: would it be okay to freeze ground coffee? A coffee expert would agree that it's not good to keep ground coffee in the freezer. Some also argue that it is an acceptable way to store coffee and protect it from sunlight while keeping the climatic conditions stable for the freshness of the coffee.

If you do intend to freeze coffee, ensure it's kept in its original container. Ensure that it is important not to draw the coffee once it is frozen and then restore it in the freezer once again. Doing so will introduce moisture into the coffee mixture, and the coffee quality will rapidly deteriorate.

These are some of the things one needs to know when buying coffee beans wholesale for roasting and grinding and storing for a longer period of time. For more information, You could contact your local coffee roasters for wholesale coffee and tips on storage.

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