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The Means of Cardiac Diet for Kidney Disease Patients

Author: Joven Lee
by Joven Lee
Posted: Oct 01, 2014

Some patients who are suffering from kidney diseases are also diagnosed along with heart ailments. And finding the right Cardiac diet that fits with the two health problems must be your first priority in order to avoid severe complications.

Cardiac diets are your means to have a healthy heart or to deal with heart diseases. It is a kind of treatment that all health consultants recommend for cardiovascular disease patients. Cardiac diets’ key function is to control the patients’ blood pressure, avoid from having high level of blood cholesterol and prevent overweight. By eating the right kind of food for the heart, the cardiovascular patients will be able to prevent building excessive harmful fats in their body and also to take control of the body cholesterol that is also the cause of contracting different heart ailments.

Kidney disease and cardiac problems are inseparable. Having kidney problems can cause to have hypertension or even irregular rhythmic of the heart because of the electrolyte imbalances. You need to take good eating diets that will both manage the two health conditions. Cardiac diet includes the following element reducing cholesterol level, Average intake of fats such as nuts or oily food, eating foods to increase antioxidant or foods with high fiber. Cardiac diet varies in different meal plans and depends on the patients’ health condition.

There are good cardiac diets for kidney disease patients. This cardiac diet can give good health benefits to your heart as well as for your kidney problems, so you can take this kind of diet without worrying about your kidney’s condition.

Cardiac Diet for Kidney Patients

Cardiac diet includes the limit intake of fats, foods with cholesterol and less sodium foods. Eating with low sodium foods are healthy for both kidney and heart condition. To have a less level of sodium intake, you must prevent yourself from eating foods with salts or eating processed foods.

You also need to eat foods with low phosphorus. This is important for kidney patients that undergo dialysis. And the best cardiac diet for it is to limit eating foods with high level phosphorus like chocolate, dairy products with low fats and nuts. Cholesterol reduction is also necessary for both kidney and heart disease patients so they need to avoid eating low level of fatty foods. Though eating fats is also advisable for kidney patients, you also need to have control in eating it in order to avoid further heart complications. Eating with vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in potassium is also good for your heart, however, if you are a kidney disease patient, you must limit in consuming it. The first thing you need to do is ask your health consultant about your level of potassium intake so that you can still eat potassium rich foods without sacrificing your heart health condition.

You may notice that there are food intake conflicts in carrying out your cardiac diet for kidney disease patients. To avoid this problem, ask your health consultant or your dietician to have a list of the exact cardiac diet meals and have it arrange for you. Click here to learn more

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