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Why Bali Is The Perfect Destination To Practice Yoga?

Author: Mandeep Singh
by Mandeep Singh
Posted: May 22, 2021

Bali, also called "The Island of Gods", is a province of the Indonesian archipelago. It has been a popular tourist destination for quite some time and still continues to be one for people from all over the world. It is famous for its iconic beaches, paddy fields, coral reefs and for the respite and relaxations that it offers through its health retreats and numerous yoga schools and yoga teacher training centers. Bali is one of the most popular destinations for practicing yoga competed by countries like India and Thailand. There are many reasons why Bali has developed into a sweet spot for people looking to practice or learn yoga; some of the reasons are described below.


The first and foremost reason why Bali is perfect for practicing yoga is because of its culture. "The islands of gods" is enriched with Balinese Hindu culture and this culture helps and encourages one to connect with the surroundings and the natural world. The culture also encourages simplicity. Besides the Hindu culture of Bali finds its roots in that of ancient India which was the birthplace of yoga and yogic philosophies.


Bali is actually one of the best places in the world to learn and practice yoga because of the scenic beauty present all around. Be it the lush tropical jungles or the calm beaches with a mild breeze or the rice paddy fields, all these add to the serenity that one is able to experience while indulging in yogic practices. Bali being a tropical paradise or having numerous spacious and calm beaches proves to be a perfect background that provides peaceful surroundings which are more than helpful to easily learn yoga and about our inner self through yoga.


Some of the best yoga teachers in the entire world are likely to be found in Bali. This makes Bali the perfect hotspot for those who wish to learn the art of yoga to become teachers or for those who are just looking for some recuperation and relaxation by joing a yoga class for a while during their vacation on the island. Moreover, many of the teachers in the Bali are trained in the styles of ancient Indian yoga. These yogis and yoginis have learnt the best, authentic ways of the real Yogis from India.


All sorts of yoga classes can be found in Bali. Some of these classes will focus more on the overall approach to yoga, teaching about all the concepts and philosophies that are found in the traditional or ancient texts about yoga. While some other yoga classes in Bali are more likely to teach a modern approach to yoga, one that concerns only the basic knowledge about asanas, pranayam, meditation or even power yoga or any other sort of modern comprehensions of yoga. A variety of yoga classes also means that learning yoga is very budget-friendly in Bali. Many of the classes are very affordable, incredibly affordable and considering the relative costs for accommodations and travelling which are of the same nature, learning or practicing yoga in Bali is not only good for your body and mind but it goes easy your budget also.

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