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Why are blue nose pit bulls rare?

Author: Terrance Nathaniel
by Terrance Nathaniel
Posted: May 22, 2021
blue nose

You rarely get a chance to see a blue nose pitbull because they are not so common that you will find them in every nook and corner. Even the pit bulls are not being produced massively; however, if we compare the ratio of blue nose among just pit bulls, they are still rare. There is a reason behind this. Let's discuss that reason.

You should know that most of the newborn pit bulls are regular pit bulls, some are red nose pit bulls, and some are blue nose pit bulls. These dogs with blue noses are born due to the homozygous recessive genes. The chances of giving birth to this dog depend upon the parents of the dog. If both parents have blue noses, then there are maximum chances that their puppy will also have a blue nose, but there is no guarantee. Even both regular Pitbulls can give birth to a blue nose.

In simple words, if both parents have a regular nose, then there are least chances of giving birth to this dog. If one has a blue nose, then there are few chances of giving birth to a blue one. If both have blue noses, then there are maximum chances of giving birth to a blue nose. Let me explain it with the help of a Punnett square diagram.

If you see the Punnett square diagram, you will find four boxes containing BB, Bb, Bb, and bb, respectively.

  • BB means both are dominant genes are homozygous, so there are 25% chances that the puppy will have a regular black nose.
  • Bb means heterozygous, as two boxes contain Bb, so it means there are 50% chances that the puppy will have a black nose but with a gene of brown nose.
  • Only the 4th box contains bb, which means homozygous recessive genes—only 25% chances of giving birth to a blue nose pitbull.
  • I am not saying that out of 8 dogs; two will definitely have a blue nose. It's just a percentage that applies to every puppy.

Now the situation is clear in front of you. That's the actual reason that these pit bulls are rare. Knowing this situation, breeders take advantage of this situation and sell this dog at a higher price, like any other rare thing in the world that has a high demand comes at higher price. Similarly, most people who wish to buy a Pitbull tries to get the one with a blue nose.

Many breeders also claim that this dog is superior to other pit bulls, but that's not true. If you read about blue nose pitbull, you will find that it's also the same dog as other pit bulls. Its nose color increases its beauty due to which it deserves a little high price but not as high as some breeders demand by spreading lies about its characteristics and qualities. So I recommend you to research good breeders before thinking about buying this dog. I am sure that after visiting several breeders, you will definitely find a good breeder that will sell you this dog at a reasonable price.

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