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How To Make Some Money Purchasing And Selling Used Cars

Author: Ronin Logix
by Ronin Logix
Posted: May 22, 2021

In a time where jobs and vacancies are pretty uncertain, you resort to new ideas of business. It is now when your knowledge and skills are put to the test to make the best possible use of them. An income source outside your regular job is always a good backup plan.

Utilizing your car while offering a service to others is one such smart plan. Buying and selling used cars is not limited to car salesmen only. You don’t need to start a business, to begin with car flipping.

By the end of this post, you will learn how to earn money from buying and selling used cars. So, read on to know how to go about it.

Buying A Used Car

There are some essential points to remember whether you’re buying from Logix locations or the cheapest weekly car rentals. These processes help you make the correct choice while saving the money that you can invest elsewhere. Let’s begin!

Fix A Budget

You must fix a budget for buying a car. If you buy from a monthly car rental, make sure to choose a vehicle with the minimum after-costs. When you have a higher budget, you can estimate higher profits.

Use Cash

All car rentals generally use credit cards. However, it is always best to have some cash handy for an emergency. Car rentals in Logix locations will probably offer the best credit options. Nevertheless, make sure to save some cash in your hands, perhaps half the buying amount, handy.

Stay Updated About The Fair Market Value

The key to finding the best deal is to stay updated about the market. Almost all auctions issue their inventory publicly and beforehand. Make sure you do your homework. When you are aware of the weekly care rental rate, you have the edge of setting the best budget with optimum profits.

Inspect The Car’s Interior and Exterior

Once you’ve found your ideal car, you should check its interiors and exterior. Make sure to run through an inspection of the interior for damaged flooring, safety features, upholstery, and instrumentation. Also, wet your fingers and run through the exterior of the car to check for any dirt.

Also, check for dents, dings, deep scratches, or rust. You want to be sure that the used car that you purchase reaps your benefits and profits.

Check The Hood

As much as a rush it could be in the Logix locations holding weekly car rentals, you still want to check for the necessities. Make sure to check for the engine oil, radiator, belts, radiator hose, transmission, and brakes of the car you purchase.

Enquire About The Age of The Car and Check For The VIN

When the car has been sitting for too long, they break soon once they get started again. The car you are purchasing is a used one, so ensuring that it’s money well-spent should be among your priorities.

Another important note here is to investigate the Vehicle Identification Number through the National Insurance Car Bureau and These are free sites that offer valuable information about the vehicle with the particular VIN.

Propose The Final Price

Stick to your budget and be completely practical about your purchase. You have done your homework, you know about the weekly car rental rate, you have an idea about the fair market value, enough to make the final decision. Under no condition should you move from your budget as that would disrupt your estimated profit.

Selling A Used Car

To sell a used car at best possible rate, you need to have good knowledge. Research about the market value, the monthly and weekly care rentals, the weekly care rental rate, and the Logix locations. Look for places that deal with the best profits.

Do your homework before you set foot in the flipping market with your car. Here’s how you can earn good money by selling your used car:

Determine The Lowest Rate

Always consider that people like to negotiate. Set your price accordingly. If you are not in a hurry to sell the used car, consider starting at the highest possible price. No matter how firm you are on the price, they’ll negotiate. This way, you’ll be able to fix at a rate you can reap a profit from.

Fix Your Car Any Issues

If you’ve been facing any issues with the car, fix them under a good mechanic to ensure better prices for the car. Before you step into the car flipping market with your car, repair all its issues. Smart buyers can drive down the price for even the smallest of the issues, and you don’t want that for obvious reasons.

Change the engine oil, radiator, and wiper fluid if required to invite no complaints. Leave no stones unturned to sell your car at best possible rate.

Clean Your Car

A cleaner car attracts the buyer. Cleaning your car costs no penny. Make sure to vacuum the interior of the car and wipe the entire exterior. It is free and requires just some effort. After all, you are trying to make a sale!

Acquaint Your Buyer With The Possible Defects

Although you have fixed the issues of your car, old cars sometimes tend to have unrepairable defects. With time, these may deteriorate. It is always best to inform the buyer about the same beforehand. This way, they will be open to an informed decision and buy your car with full intention.


Now that you have an idea about the process and the important points to remember, use them to make the best of your choices. A clean car is always a key to attracting buyers, and similarly, go for clean cars for purchase. Make sure to always do your homework before buying or selling a used car.

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