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Should You Do It Yourself Pool Deck Resurfacing? (Or Not)

Author: Naman Sharma
by Naman Sharma
Posted: May 23, 2021

"Can I resurface the pool deck myself?" is a question many ask. Are you one of them? You might recently find out that building a pool in your property adds value to it. Also, photos of various photos of pool deck coatings & overlays in Los Angeles have probably enticed you. The different fun ideas made you convinced to revamp your pools or add an Airbnb swimming pool to your property.

There are many great ways you can resurface your pool deck. Read today's post for you to get ready your pool decking tools or people repair kits. All the answers to your pool resurfacing 411 ahead!

Pool Decking 411: Resurfacing, Repair, Redesign & All You Need to Know

Before you go ahead and begin digging out the ground in your backyard, consider the following steps and things to consider. Dive in:

  • Decide on what design
  • Prepare the surface
  • Applying the concrete pool overlays and proper curing time
  • Pool systems protection- pumps, filters, electric and generator tubes all set
  • Pool deck coating suitable in your region

Now that you know these essential steps learn about the pros and cons of DIY pool deck resurfacing; next.

Advantages of DIY Pool Deck Resurfacing

Have you watched on social media now trending "primitive pool makers"? Does it fascinate you? This is why you probably considered DIY resurfacing your pool deck! Check the list below why many pool owners love to pour the overlays and concrete decks themselves.

Pros #1- DIY is cheaper

Sure having to do things yourself is cost-saving. It saves you labor fees. You do not need to hire contractors anymore. While this is so true, the main concern for this is if you got time. If you do, then DIY resurfacing is for you.

Pros #2- DIY makes you creative

Who does not want to be creative? Another cost-saving factor that increases your potential is that creativity allows you to innovate tools? Don't have any tools? Then modify the materials and equipment that you got. Remember the primitive poo makers on YouTube? Using simple levers and digging tools, you can open up the ground or dig out slabs and cover the pool basin with concrete mix.

Besides, concrete mixing materials are so accessible. The aggregates for the concrete decks are easy to find. Mixing the materials is no biggie!

Pros #3- DIY means you have full control

Doing the resurfacing yourself makes the job done accurately. You know it full well where issues begin or where damages begin to appear.

Compared to hiring expert pool repair and resurfacing service, you get frustrated with the results due to the failure to pinpoint the exact problem. But when you do it yourself, it makes you fulfilled that you are wearable to fix the poop deck issues on the spot!

Pros #4 - Saves Time and Effort

The last DIY advantage may have both pros and cons. So, before you get on with the cons of DIY pool resurfacing. Weigh this advantage. Is this really for you? DIY may save you time in terms of minimizing downtime looking and waiting for a reliable contractor.

Jump right quick to our list of disadvantages to talk about time and energy saving. What works best for you?

The Disadvantages: Why You SHOULD NOT DIY Resurface the pool decks


First, as mentioned above, you can save time and effort when you DIY. But, hold on for a second, is that really the case? Finding reliable, professional pool deck installers can be a challenge. According to professional LA and Orange County pool contractors, most of their clients took time to figure out that they are the best in the business. Before they got to them, they had taken hundreds of failed attempts to revamp the pool. One option they did is also DIY. But, in the long run, it convinced them of finding the experts.


Building an exquisite mini paradise, resort pool decking Orange County vibe inspired is no easy job. It is easier to imagine the outcome. But as you start, you are left with an inflatable kiddie pool. At least the kids had fun. But if you take a deeper look at a pool project worth commercial profit, you need to call professionals to have the pool built for you. Imagination has limits. With the experts, they will assure to make your dream pool come true!


DIY gets you to be creative, enhancing innovativeness. The truth is, however, at the end of the day, you find your project lacking in design possibilities. Why? There are pieces of equipment only expert pool contractors use. And for sure, if you are planning to redesign your pools for commercial use, you will not push yourself to the edge to design modern and dynamic poll design. Can you DIY cascading pools? FIberglass infinity pools? Admit it; you can't.


The last factor clarifies DIY myths and cons. If you are resurfacing a small pool area, you can go ahead with DIY. But if you have massive swimming pools, some ordinances require that you secure permits. Thus you need professional builders to repair or resurface the pool decks.

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Naman Sharma is the professional copywriter and guest blogger at WLP Free Trials & Collagen Products Blog. He is also passionate about link building and social media management.

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