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Beauty Care What Are The Problems

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: May 23, 2021
beauty care

Beauty care is one of the major topics in health professions. Research on beauty care and its related field, especially on the psychological aspects are becoming more important in the recent times. This article highlights beauty care treatments, which include skin care and cosmetics products.

The first aim was to establish the different types of evaluation procedure to be applied (as a support or as a service giving relief); the second aim was to investigate the personal experience of patients in the field of beauty care. And, the last aim was to explore and test the different types of beauty care substances, cosmetological procedures and their effects on different types of diseases and their effects on beauty care. In all these aims and objectives the basic idea was to investigate how different types of beauty care can be used for different types of patients. It also included testing new products on human beings.

In this article, I will show you the methodology and samples used to collect qualitative data. As the main topic is beauty care, I have included a main survey that was conducted among hospital employees. Among this survey, a qualitative study was conducted among interviewed patients and health care workers from a high quality hospital. This qualitative study was then used to understand the use of beauty care in a health environment (the main survey), the importance of qualitative research in health domains and on the whole how hospital staffs use beauty care and the main reasons for not using them.

According to the qualitative research, cancer patients showed some negative attitudes toward beauty care. Most of the cancer patients did not like the idea of having to go to the beauty salon regularly and getting expensive treatments. They also did not like the idea of spending money on cosmetics for themselves and for their friends.

It was found out that cancer patients had negative attitudes toward beauty care because they are afraid that they will spend too much money and they do not like to undergo regular treatments. Also, the idea that beauty care professionals will be taking advantage of them is very common. There was another survey which focused on the social economic aspect of beauty care and it was concluded that most of the people considered it a waste of time and a waste of money. Most of the people considered it to be a waste of time because beauty care is not necessary for them. These thoughts about beauty care did not change to the different qualitative research.

The last qualitative research did not focus on the social and economic aspects at all. It was observed that only three out of the ten women who had undergone beauty treatments actually felt that they got beauty care worth while they spent their money for it. Only three out of ten women actually received beauty care worth while they spent their money for it. This kind of results is not surprising considering that many people do not want to waste money for something which they do not need.

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