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Moisture Separator: A well-wisher of your Pneumatic devices

Author: Yunus Shaikh
by Yunus Shaikh
Posted: May 28, 2021

In the industries, where pneumatic air used as an energy source and many machines running with the help of pneumatic air supply have to face the issue of corrosion and rust on their precious machines and devices. Because the humidity existing in compressed air can damage the pneumatic devices and machines. To prevent this unnecessary loss of devices and to reduce maintenance, moisture separators were installed just before the pneumatic operated devices. Because these moisture separators remove moisture and humidity from compressed air and prevent your devices from damage.

What is Moisture Separator?

Moisture separators are very helpful to industries, which are using pneumatic operated devices like pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic guns, drills, and many different pneumatic operated tools. As the name elucidates the moisture separators are used to detached the moisture from the compressed air. It is generally installed just next to the air compressor tank or you can also install it just before the pneumatic device. Due to this, you get moisture-free compressed air to use for your valuable pneumatic equipment.

Why You Need the Moisture Separator?

It is a very common question that can arise in anyone’s mind that why we required it? So the answer is quite simple as ABC. The tools which are run by pneumatic air are mostly made from iron, aluminum, and steel. The pneumatic air travels inside the pneumatic devices to operate them. These metallic devices are very reactive to air moisture. As a result, the erosion of metal! Erosion leads to the destruction of the devices and decreases their working life cycle, which invites unnecessary costing.

To prevent your valuable equipment from erosion, you need to detach the moisture or humidity from the pneumatic air supply. So why you have to install the moisture separator.

How Does it Work?

A moisture separator has two ports: inlet and outlet. Pneumatic air enters via inlet port, there are baffles or wire meshes present inside the moisture separator body. The pressurized pneumatic air bump on these elements, as we know that water particles are heavy in comparison to air and these features force water particles to fall down. As result water particles drop down in the body and the rest of the airflow out from the outlet port.

Types of Moisture Separators

There are many various Moisture Separators are available in the market. All of them working for the same purpose with the same working system. The size of moisture separators may play an important role in your pneumatic plant. If you have a large air compressor and you install a tiny one that sounds like crazy!


Now you are very well aware of the importance of moisture separators. Do you have really a requirement for it or not? It depends on how many pneumatic equipments you have in your plants and how valuable it for you.

Airmax Pneumatics Ltd is one of the prime manufacturers, exporter, and supplier of moisture separators. They have a broad experience of this field as they are serving from last 1992.

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I am an engineer serving in a leading valve manufacturing company. I love to share my knowledge here and I will try to keep posting articles.

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