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Enhancing soil quality with coco coir from one and only Riococo.

Author: Rio Coco
by Rio Coco
Posted: May 31, 2021

Coconut coir bricks are procured 100% naturally as a by-product of coconut harvesting, done in India and Sri Lanka wielding sustainable methods. These are extracted from the skin on the exterior of a coconut shell. Owing to its outstanding water holding capacity and exceptional air space and drainage, coir bricks have proved to be quite beneficial in modern hydroponics and also for soil quality enhancement for potted plants and gardens. All these qualities also make these fibers superior to peat moss and rock wool. Hence, they are a renewable source that can be used as a sustainable option to peat moss. Coconut coir bricks as a soil amendment, also help plants to build stronger and larger roots, make plants resistant to weeds and disease-causing pathogens.

Riococo provides excellent coconut fibers. You can get three varieties of coconut fiber here- Brown fiber, white fiber and bristle fiber. Custom bale formats are also offered by Riococo, based on the customers’ requirements.

How Can You Use Coconut Coir Bricks?

Coconut fiber has several applications. It acts as a soil conditioner and enhances the moisture flow of moisture in the soil. If applied to sandy soils, coir fibers help the4 soil to hold its nutrients and moisture content closer to the plant roots. In the case of clayey soils, coir bricks help to split up tightly packed soil and enhance the flow of moisture and nutrients through the earth.

The coir being natural fiber helps prevent soil erosion and acts as excellent hydroponic growth medium facilitating seed germination. By mixing coco coir and soil in a 1:2 ratio you can make the ideal growing medium for potted plants. You can also use this mixture in your gardens to improve the structure and the water holding capacity of the soil.

Other applications of coconut coir brick include rendering mattresses, ropes, body armors, flower pots for decorations, soundproof barriers. Also, because of its qualities as an excellent soil amendment, it can be used to prepare soil erosion prevention products and sediment control products.

Advantages of Coconut Coir Bricks

Coconut Coir is a renewable source and a sustainable option for peat moss. Unlike peat mining, the coconut coir fibers do not affect the environment harshly. Another noteworthy quality of coconut coir is that they are much easier to hydrate and also last longer in the soil as compared to peat moss. Coconut Coir is also superior to peat moss as they are naturally devoid of any bacteria, fungal spores, pathogens, weeds, seeds and makes plants resistant to various diseases.

The neutral pH of 5.8–6.8 of coco coir enables it to effectively release nutrients to plant roots and curtails the necessity of using dolomite lime in the garden. Coco coir also enhances your soil structure and its water-holding capacity.

Parting Words

Now that you have gathered enough knowledge about the advantages and applications of coconut coir bricks, why not employ them? Get your choice of coco coir from Riococo and apply it as per your requirement. Riococo also offers custom bales for their customers.

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