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20 Minutes EMS Training and You will Lose Your Weight. How?

Author: Khushi Saxena
by Khushi Saxena
Posted: May 30, 2021
ems training

EMS or the process of Electrical muscle stimulation can be traced back a long way when it first emerged as an effective way of enhancing regular ways of physiotherapy. This premium technology has exhibited marked benefits in physiotherapy and is now largely included in gyms and other extensive workout sessions to enhance the overall fitness of our bodies. The premium EMS training centers in Dubai are some of the finest gyms that have successfully implemented this new form of workout.

EMS is the New Face of Workout! Why and How?

If you are wondering about the term EMS and learning about it, then you should also be aware of the rising popularity of the same.

In the fast-paced world that we are living in, we hardly get time enough to look at our bodies and the physical fitness that we primarily require for our sustenance. Besides the pandemic-struck world that is still reeling with the multiplying cases and all the jobs that are carried on from our homes, working out is being more important than ever to keep us fit. Furthermore, the need for the workout is again resisted with the less time and energy that we can devote to the same. Therefore, EMS training is one of the best solutions that we can opt for.

EMS boasts of a range of benefits among which is its ability to promote weight loss. Are you looking for a new form of exercise that will help you tone your body up, feel good, and lose weight, then enrolling at your nearest EMS training center in Dubai would be perfect for you.

How will the 20 minutes of EMS training matter?

You might have already heard of the claims that a 20-minute EMS session is equivalent to a normal 4-5 hours of a full-body workout. However, you might not have fully believed it or might be confused regarding how it helps one lose weight. Yes, it is tough to believe the same but we are here to unfold the weight loss process with the help of EMS training. So, stay tuned.

EMS Helps Weight Loss By Creating A Calorie Deficit

One of the main reasons that EMS is good for weight loss is that the workout helps to create a calorie deficit, which is the main way that you’re able to lose weight.

Creating a caloric deficit

EMS believes in toning muscles by stimulating them but when it comes to weight loss it strictly believes in creating a caloric deficit.

A calorie deficit happens when you burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, in this process, while you are engaged in EMS training you must be careful of consuming a lesser amount of calories than what you do, thereby cutting some calories and carrying on with the exercise to burn some more calories. If you opt for a workout like EMS, you would be entering into a calorie deficit at a lower impact and for a duration that will be shorter than any other workouts.

This idea will especially be effective for those who cannot exercise or struggles to do so because of their age or the excess weight that they have put on.

Weight loss by building muscles

EMS also promotes the idea of weight loss by building muscles. This, in turn, helps to burn excess fat and boost your metabolism. A healthy and balanced diet is something that you cannot miss out on while you’re engaged in EMS training at a premium Weight Loss Gym in Dubai.

So, start your sessions now and witness the change. However, always remember that the weight loss with EMS training is most effective when combined with a healthy, balanced diet that promotes the calorie deficit.

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