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Things you should know about the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)!

Author: Carin Africa
by Carin Africa
Posted: Jun 05, 2021

In this article you will learn everything about the Collision Damage Waiver like what it covers and what it doesn’t. If you are new to renting a car from any car rental company in Africa then you might have come across this term. Well! If you are facing any trouble regarding this and wondering what it actually consists of then this blog is the one for you. Here you will find everything related to that and some examples of what this CDW is. So, if you are ready and want to know everything about it then why not just simply hop on and jot down these points so that it helps you whenever you rent a car from any services.

Collision Damage Waiver is a kind of protection offered by any car rental company in the world. There are various rental companies like Cars in Africa which refer to it in a different way but in general you don’t get confused. It just means the same and covers the rental car against damage done to it in an event of an accident. You can check below to see what it actually covers! You can see the Collision Damage Waiver as:

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Collision Damage Insurance (CDI)

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) - where you have CDW and theft protection

If you see these names, they surely cover the damage done to any rental car, you just have to check if there aren’t any kind of limitations to the whole concept because it does depend on the rental company you are booking your car in. For instance, let’s say you bumped into another vehicle, here it is typically the renter’s responsibility to cover up for all the expenses of the damage caused. If you have a Collision Damage Waiver, it wouldn’t be the same. The limits depend on the car rental company, the car category, the kind of damage waiver and many more but the cost of the repair work will be covered by the CDW. The specifics and limits of the CDW of the rental car company and the car category of the client’s choice are always described in the agreement, so it would be good if you can read the document.

The Collision Damage Waiver covers the damage caused to the exterior of the car rental in the event of an accident, but not the full car. It is crucial as the items like tyres and windows don’t get covered in it. The Collision Damage Waiver doesn’t covers the following list of things:

The engine of the car

The mirrors of the car

The windows of the car

The tyres of the car

The dead battery of the car

The lost keys of the car

Damage to any extras like GPS or a booster/child seats

Anything inside of the car

The interior of the car

These are the things it covers. However, it is great to mention that the Collision Damage Waiver does cover some parts of the car which quite get expensive. But it does not cover damage by any third party property like other cars involved in the accident. You have an idea of the things it covers so understand and move forward with the right insurance package. If you want to know more in-depth about the difference between the LDW and CDW and more on that then you can check out our article based on that insurance.

Therefore, if you have anything to share with us or want us to write on that topic then comment down. We would be extremely happy to write something for our readers around the world. Feel free to share the article with your friends and families to help them know all about the Collision Damage Waiver. If you want to book your rental car from us then you can visit our website, choose the cars, location, payment and you will have your car delivered to you at your doorstep. For any query you can call us at our number given on the site. This topic is based on helping each and every individual to understand how much they can save on their money if they have insurance.

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