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Why Microblading Eyebrows will Dominate the Beauty Industry in the Future?

Author: Marc Goddard
by Marc Goddard
Posted: Jun 10, 2021

If you are passionate about the beauty industry, you must have heard about microblading. However, did you know it is fast becoming the dominant semi-permanent eyebrow makeup treatment? When you compare the numbers from 2015 and 2020, the number of people getting their eyebrows microbladed has tripled. In addition, it’s not just popular among clients, but people are looking to become artists themselves, as well. All of this makes microblading a leader in the industry, and there’s no stopping it. If you don’t believe us, here’s why microblading eyebrows in Miami is going to dominate the industry in years to come.

The Beauty Effect

There is a lot you need to know about microblading, but the most important thing is that it improves eyebrows and beautiful eyebrows breed confidence. Even after the first stage of treatment, women feel more self-satisfied and confident with their appearance. This is especially true among women who experienced previous problems with their brows, like uneven hair growth or thinning brows.

Unlike other makeup techniques, microblading uses a natural facial structure for upgrading or reconstructing the missing eyebrow. Each pair of eyebrows is unique and beautiful. All that’s required is a professional touch to reveal it.

Simplifying Makeup Routines

With each passing day, microblading is gaining more popularity. After all, everyone is crazy about the brow technique. The semi-permanent nature of microblading means there is little to no additional care required for maintaining the beautiful appearance. On average, treatment lasts over a year, after which it slowly starts fading. At that time, all a client has to do is book a touch-up appointment. Without the need to apply makeup constantly, microblading eyebrows in Miami simplify the usual makeup routine. Not to mention, women have one less thing to take care of or worry about during an active day.

Consistent Innovation

Maintaining the level of accelerated growth that microblading is currently experiencing requires continuous innovation. Calculating brow shape according to the golden ratio, creating tools and products exclusive for microblading, and mixing organic and synthetic pigments for stabilizing color when applying it to the skin, are all responsible for moving both tattoo and cosmetic industries forward.

Since then, innovations have continued to emerge. Just as you can easily find microblading supplies in the USA being bought by cosmeticians from all parts of the industry, you can expect new equipment and techniques to be developed over the coming years.

A High-Earning Business Venture

Studies show professionals have experienced a rise of 75% of new clients they treat each month. Because of this high demand, microblading is a lucrative business, and an entrepreneurial mindset is essential when trying to succeed in microblading. The cost of microblading training is justified by the potential returns, as the average price per treatment is around $700 - $800. Artists can easily cover their initial investments and make a profit at the end of their first month. This led to many cosmetic professionals pursuing full-time careers out of microblading and only set to rise due to the high demand for microblading services.

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Author: Marc Goddard

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