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Important Facts about Manicure at a Spa Center in Lahore

Author: Amber Jamil
by Amber Jamil
Posted: Jun 10, 2021

We use our hands every time, and they are also one of the first things that people notice about us. Having beautiful-looking nails can give you that extra boost of confidence during your day, and regular professional-level nail care at a spa center in Lahore makes your nails healthy clean and strong. Living in Lahore, we face extreme temperatures both in winters and summers which makes the hands and feet dry and untidy. To get smooth, clean and soft hands you must visit a spa center regularly which is equally important for good hygiene.

Applying nail paints and taking care of nails has been of keen importance since a long time and it has been a sense of confidence for women since then. Some interesting facts about manicures in the past are the following:

  • It is said that nail varnish was invented by China and was used by the upper-class people and to cover the nails of monarchs
  • Cleopatra used to paint nails with henna
  • The earliest manicures begin in India around 5000 years ago
  • In the middle ages long nails were considered evil and untidy and a sign of spirits and witches
  • In the UK the one who possessed manicured nails, were considered wealthy during the Tudor period

Well-cared, trimmed and neat nails are a sign that you care about your hygiene and appearance. To make this happen you must visit a spa center in Lahore regularly for a manicure and you should prepare yourself before hand about the treatments you want to have. Keep in mind the following points in order to have a successful manicure at a spa center:

  • When you book an appointment for manicure, the primary reason should be to change, enhance or maintain the look of your nails. You can customize these things according to your specifications.
  • The nail paint you choose plays a huge role in how your manicure ends up looking. Choose carefully which color you want to apply and for which occasion.
  • How long you want to wear nails depends on your hand size, the length of your fingers and the health of your nail beds however the top most preference if your choice.
  • The shape also depends on the above-mentioned factors. You can choose from a variety of different nail shapes according to your choice.
  • Health and wellness should be kept the number one priority while having a manicure appointment and treatments should be chosen wisely.
  • Any skin issues must be kept in mind by the manicurist before starting any treatment.
  • Fungus or infections must be treated beforehand.

There is more to physical benefits of having a manicure from a spa center in Lahore. Sometimes one chooses to have such treatments in order to spend time to focus on themselves and to feel good and relaxed about themselves. The reason maybe to take a little time out of your busy schedule for yourself away from the daily grind and stress.

A good Spa Center in Lahore should provide all the facilities mentioned above and must cater to your preferences accordingly. The staff should be highly trained and should give you a pleasant experience whenever you visit there.
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