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The first neighbourhood commerce app in India is now available : Orderhood

Author: Orderhood In
by Orderhood In
Posted: Jun 11, 2021
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India has vibrant cultures and traditions. The locals are known for their kindly attitudes and cheerful faces. It is due to the fact that the typical Indian cultivates numerous relationships on personal, professional, and other social levels. All successful business models have one important common component: they need to have a strong customer loyalty in order to succeed.

One such example with possibly the highest success rate of any other business model is the Indian Kirana shops. Kirana is preferred by virtually every Indian as a go-to place to purchase all their regular consumables.

The most astounding reality is that the majority of Kirana stores are still run on the traditional paper billing and standard bookkeeping system. This is true despite the fact that every other sector is undergoing rapid digitization. However, this small retail segment has only semi-digitized and is poorly organised, as far as it goes.

Orderhood's vision is to assist customers in developing relationships with the local merchants and service providers they have relied on for years. With ease, you can find them in an internet directory, buy from them, or use their services. You can pay directly to them, and they will deliver the item to you. It replaces phone calls, WhatsApp chats, and various other apps with a unified smartphone application.

Sometimes, the receives this question: "Why do they need a digital system at all if they already have a really good system?" As a result, we've put a list of the most compelling reasons to digitise the Kirana shops:

The Kirana shops began using WhatsApp and other chat applications to accept orders as a means of staying afloat in the market. Much of the instances under which they cannot be used often result from the structure of the systems being unsuited for order management.

The goal of the Orderhood platform is to serve customers better by providing a comprehensive application platform for these shops. From the customer's perspective, using one Orderhood app lets users discover all nearby businesses and places to order something, and administers every order from the same app.

Orderhood is quite possibly the first application of its kind. As a customer, you do not pay orderhood in any manner; instead, you pay directly to your local shops using your chosen payment form – mobile payment, net banking, or even cash. You have the same level of convenience as you did when you used to shop in your neighbourhood. Orderhood is not an e-commerce business, and they do not process orders or provide services. Kirana shops provide you with your services because you have trusted them to do so.

Orderhood is a one-of-a-kind initiative that connects you, the consumer, and your neighbourhood businesses through a mobile app.

Orderhood is an Internet initiative that enables any user to order products and request services from his or her local shops. With Orderhood, anyone can put an order or request for any local business that is already on the internet and be certain that they will be filled. Orderhood services are currently limited to pharmacies with an integrated catalogue of medicines and non-medicine products.

Orderhood would soon extend into all segments of everyday commerce, including restaurants, groceries, and produce, as well as individual services such as medical consultation, furniture, plumbing, and carpentry.

  • How Orderhood helps Kirana shops to connect with end consumers?

In the past, Kirana stores have usually depended on the goodwill of the proprietors and on the customer base of clientele. Yet with the rapid urbanisation of population and proliferation of small rural grocery stores, the amount of consumers buying kirana from these outlets has also increased.

Our application (Orderhood) works perfectly as the best smartphone UI for connecting the dots with local consumers and an ERP/Billing system that you work on for smooth business operations.

Neighbourhood customers will be able to browse and order all of the latest products and medicine that is already on the market. The orderhood application includes a workflow for managing the lifecycle of an order, as well as built-in chat and a method for exchanging documents such as prescriptions, bills, and text messages.

Orderhood is based on the idea that customers buy from the local shops, because they already know what they offer. Kirana shops owners know their customer base and their demands, which are quite different from one another.

When communicating on a purely ad hoc basis, messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger are acceptable. However, these aren't appropriate for managing orders.

Orderhood not only has a built-in Order life cycle management solution, such as 1mg, but it also has a built-in Order life cycle management solution. -Pharmeasy-Netmeds for pharmaceuticals; in the near future, they’ll add a Zomato-Swiggy-like interface for restaurants.

Be it existing customers or new, everyone is affectionate with gifts and appreciation. Orderhood, the most prominent neighbourhood platform, gives the opportunity to local shops to go online and help their customer base through timely delivery of consumables and also be able to take feedback and mitigate grievances in a more sophisticated manner.


The challenges faced by organised retail and e-commerce giants will no longer affect the traditional Kirana shops. Since many of the Kirana stores owners have already gotten on board with the new concept, they have found the flow of their business smoother, more efficient, and beneficial.

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