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Eliminate on-street parking issues with stack parking

Author: Wohr Parking Systems
by Wohr Parking Systems
Posted: Jun 11, 2021
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Finding parking space in our over-crowded urban centres is only going to get more challenging with time.

Indian cities and towns are made up of narrow lanes, with development that extends right on the road.People who built houses with parking space for one car, now own many more. When guests come calling, they obviously have to parkon the road.

What's more, residential buildings are being used for commercial purposes so they attract more visitors and workers who only add to the congestion of the area.

For upcoming residential projects, developers and property owners can definitely consider stack parking system is a type of automated parking system that "stacks" more than a single vehicle in a singular parking space. The cars are placed on levels above and below each other, which gives the developer the benefit of providing parking spaces for multiple vehicles, while increasing space efficiency of the area.

Stack parking are ideal for doubling or tripling parking capacity in commercial or residential properties.

Systems work with a simple mechanical hydraulic system and every model in the range can be designed differently to accommodate the user’s needs. If the parking slots are often used for bigger cars such as SUVs, the height of the stack parkers can be adjusted accordingly to fit almost any typically designed automobiles.

These stack parking systems are segregated further into 2 types – Dependent and Independent.

Dependent parking systems are those where the lower platform has to be evacuated first, in order to let the upper platform come down.Independent parking systems are those that do not depend on either platform in order to access the vehicles and remove them.


Wohr offers four models of stacked parking systems in both dependent and independent versions.

DEPENDENT:1. Parklift 411 – Two Level Dependent Parking System

The two level dependent system has a single unit that is for two cars, and a double unit that is for four cars. In the Parklift 411, the lower platform can accommodate cars that have a maximum height of 150-200cms. The platforms can stretch till a width of 2700mm, and have an impressive load carrying capacity ranging between 2000-2600 kgs. As this is a dependable parking system, it can be installed in outdoor spaces as well where the lower platform is mostly used for visitors, and the upper platform for more permanent users. This makes it an ideal system for valet parking, car service centers, car rental services, etc. The Parklift 411 system requires very low maintenance and cost of construction..

Parklift 421 – Three Level Dependent Parking System

Just like the two level dependent system offers spaces for 2 vehicles, the Parklift 421 offers parking spaces for 3 vehicles – one at the bottom, and two above it in a horizontal fashion. As this is a dependent parking system, the lower car needs to be removed first in order to let the other two platforms down. The Parklift 421 has a carrying capacity per platform / per car of 2000kg and 2600kg, and offers the best functional and operational safety. The Parklift 421 offers three parking spaces with a single drive way, which opens up more parking spaces conveniently. It includes proven hydraulic technology that provides a hassle-free parking experience.

INDEPENDENT:1.Parklift 440 – Two Level Independent Parking System

The Parklift 440 is an independent stack parking system with two levels, which means that either platform can be moved without depending on whether the other platform is vacant or not. This type of parking system is more suitable for indoor spaces, also with an availability of pit parking, where there’s a level beneath the drive way. A single unit has a capacity of two vehicles and the double unit has a capacity of four vehicles. Parklift 440 can be installed at residential buildings, condominiums, hotels, malls and office buildings.2.

Parklift 413 – Three Level Independent Parking System

The Parklift 413 offers parking spaces for three vehicles, and is an independent system. This means that none of the vehicles need to be moved out in order to access the other two platforms. This system is also more suitable indoors, with the availability of pit parking. The single unit for this independent parking system has space for 3 vehicles, and the double unit has space for 6. The car heights are restricted to 150-170 cms with a platform that has a weight carrying capacity of 2000 kgs. This system also offers low maintenance cost with highly convenient parking spaces, and high-end operational and functional safety measures.

Wohr, headquartered in Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of car parking systems worldwide. Wohr Parking Systems (WPS) brings the same high German standards of innovation, manufacturing quality, safety and service for customers in India. A DIN EN ISO 9001 company, WPS has become the leading choice for users looking for stack parking systems, puzzle parking systems, underground, parking platforms, pit parking systems along with a range of fully customized automatic parking systems. With more than 700,000 parking places installed worldwide, 100,000 of these in India alone, the reliability and safety of Wohr parking systems speaks for itself.

Contact Wohr with your car parking issues. They will study the site, criteria and requirements, and propose the most viable, cost-effective solution.

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Established in 1902, Wohr has been Designing, Innovating & Installing Various Parking Systems and Solutions since 1959. Wohr is one of the leading manufacturers of car parking systems worldwide. For more than 55 years now.

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Author: Wohr Parking Systems

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