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Applying for a Scholarship? Here are the top 5 tips for doing it right

Author: Alan Smith
by Alan Smith
Posted: Jun 11, 2021
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Is everyone motivated to complete their tasks and reach their goals at all times? Most often, not so. It is hard to stay constantly encouraged, especially when it comes to being a student. Some students are intrinsically motivated and will search out and apply for scholarships independently, while the rest would only do so when given a slight push. Such students do need a little extra encouragement to accomplish these tasks. The process can evoke frustration at times, but it is crucial to keep in mind that there's always hope for something good.

Here are a few simple ways to motivate students to apply for student scholarships before and during their college years.Help to create a path outline:

Before applying for a scholarship, figure out what works for the student and what interests them. To succeed at something you do, you need to be hundred percent sure what you earnestly want, without having any second thoughts. Carry out proper research on areas and subjects of interest for them to pursue. This research is essential to create a solid foundation to move forward.

Share scholarship success stories:

Sharing how their peers minimize the expense of education can sometimes be enough to persuade your student to apply for students scholarships. You can also inquire with other parents or teachers about the scholarships their child or student was able to obtain and even tell your student about the lump sum their friend was able to save. Keep in mind to note the measures that each student took to receive the scholarships.

Providing good incentives is the key:

Did you know that extrinsic motivators, such as prizes, can encourage students to take the required action? Yes, you heard it right.

We all know how much our quality of work depends on incentives. Providing good incentives makes way for motivation, which increases productivity, which then brings the best results. Apply this for students as well, and watch them feel five times more fueled up to achieve their goals, which in this case, is a scholarship that will benefit them in the long run. A non-monetary reward can be just as powerful as a monetary one, but it may require a little more imagination to appeal to your students.

Provide them with guidelines:

Things seem impossible when you find it hard to navigate your way through them. But once you are told how to do it, it's nothing but a cakewalk! So remember to help students out by providing them with the necessary guidance they require, which can be even in the form of making them aware of specific guidelines they did not know. This guidance will speed up the application process for a scholarship and eliminate room for negative thoughts and emotions.

A little acknowledgment goes a long way:

Who doesn't like to be acknowledged for their efforts? We all do, right? So make it a point to never miss out on this, as it plays a very crucial role in keeping your student's motivation or will to pursue alive. And you don't want to ruin that or eliminate that because positive reinforcement or encouragement can do wonders for your student's motivation. You need to keep giving students the confidence they need to continue looking for scholarships by letting them know that you have noticed and appreciate their efforts to apply for them in the first place.


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The entire process of applying for scholarships can get a little exhausting, but with the right encouragement, you may improve their enthusiasm for accomplishing the work. Even if it necessitates a financial investment on your part, it may be worthwhile if it allows them to graduate debt-free.

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