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P2P Lending: Ways Lenders can avoid Bad Debts

Author: Sudarsan Chakraborty
by Sudarsan Chakraborty
Posted: Jun 09, 2021
p2p lending

As the need for project financing grows, individuals and businesses are finding various ways to access monetary aid in the form of loans. One of the approaches that are taking precedence is the use of peer to peer lending method. Although it is easy to associate P2Plending with crowdfunding, the two approaches are different. Let us look at the former option to understand how to go about it.

An Overview of P2P Lending

P2P lending usually occurs via the internet as companies link lenders to entities they can disburse loans to at an interest. The contract will also include a duration within which a person needs to payback the total amount. With the Enqome guide, you can find out more about what it entails as the piece of background information will help decide on your financing needs. However, for the investors, there are always risks in disbursing cash as loans. Read on to gain insights into ways firms can avoid bad debts as they engage in P2P lending.

Ways to Limit Bad Debts

Improve your Service delivery

Ensuring that clients can engage in self-service when requesting and paying the loan can streamline lending processes. With the computer and mobile applications, lending companies can enable their clients to integrate the software into their systems. In turn, it becomes easy for the borrower to initiate payments through the automation of honouring the obligations.

Debt Track

It is common for individuals to relocate and fail to update the lender with the new mailing addresses. This makes it challenging for lending companies to initiate debt recovery. However, firms giving out loans can now track debts through third parties businesses that can trace individuals. They will utilize the personal identification and other records available to find the defaulter.

Follow Up

Reaching out to your clients before the payment timeline expires can help fast track payment. The interaction should remind the clients of the need to clear the outstanding balance and outline any incentives or bonuses they may get if they pay on time. Utilizing the internet via e-mail and sending customized SMS to clients is a cost-effective way of following up on customer’s instalments.

It is beneficial for businesses to automate the notifications to clients. Digitalizing the process makes it less tasking to locate the individuals to contact as the application will do the work for you.

Understand the Timelines

When a loan is in arrears for more than a month, there is an increased chance that the creditor is likely to default. On the other hand, after two months, the amount disbursed is considered a bad debt. However, interacting with the clients earlier before the extended period of defaulting can increase the chances of recovering the debt. It is not wise to wait until the loan becomes a bad debt to start requesting payments from clients actively. Knowing the timelines and their significance to customer’s willingness to pay will help you avoid getting into bad debts.


Planning will get you ahead of the game. Use the insights in the read to protect your business from bad debts.

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