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Alcohol Shopping and Recreation in Estonia

Author: Uday Patel
by Uday Patel
Posted: Jun 10, 2021
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There are some curbs placed by the Government of Estonia on sales and advertisement of alcohol. These in no way impact the shopping experience and recreation in the country. The sale of spirits from outlets is prohibited between 10 pm to 10 am. This is to curb uninhibited consumption of liquor.

Nevertheless, you can buy best brands and labels during the stipulated period from stores, bars, restaurants and pubs. There are chains of stores, which retail or sell in wholesale wide range of hard spirits, wine and beer. The latter is most popular in the country but hard liquors and liqueur sell nearly alike. You can also purchase spirits online through the company websites and shopping sites. One can also buy directly from the company outlets. This option can offer better pricing and other benefits.

Advertisement too has restrictions, besides the usual age limit you cannot advertise labels by show casing on the store fronts. TV and radio ads are time bound like in other European countries. No story telling is allowed in the ads and the message should convey product characteristics. All ads contain textual warning typical to alcoholic products.

Estonia is popular for tourism, thanks to the cleanest air, salubrious climate and pristine nature all around. The destination boasts of history, and hence the towns and cities including the Capital Talinn are full of edifices, ancient monuments and museums. Modernity has crept in this beautiful exotic destination on the Baltic Sea. Thus, it offers lot of scope for sightseeing and recreation. And if you are on an Estonian tour do not forget to imbibe the finest craft liquors and beer, the country is famous for.

The country boasts of finest distilleries some of which date back to the 17th century. With state-of-the-art distillation, Estonia produces the finest alcohol in the World. Besides the industrious culture, the country boasts of soil, water and botanicals tempered by a suitable climate factors ideal for alcohol production.

Craft distillation is a recent introduction, and a number of prestigious awards certify the quality and the uniqueness of the produce. These are handcrafted by master blenders, and the production is small batch in order to maintain the unique taste and aroma of the drinks. These norms are followed World over.

The robust economy and modern society, ensure a throbbing lifestyle and equally enticing nightlife full of food, drinks, music and dance. Estonia is a safe country and a clean society that believes that hard work and entertainment go together. Modern music and dance go along with the traditional in town squares, theatres and other places of entertainment. Events and festivals are regular and invite visitors to partake.

The large towns like Talinn, Narva and Tartu are ideal for wining and dining in class restaurants, pubs and bars. A wide range of alcohol labels and choice food assures that the time will be well spent in the country. The country has its own labels like the craft gin Osel, a produce of Lahhentagge Distillery in Saaremaa County. It also produces Flaneur and Flaneuse nonalcoholic beverages that act as gin alternative.

Another label that is famous is the Crafter’s Gin distilled by Liviko, one of the country oldest and largest distilleries in Estonia. It is second largest producer of vodka in EU, it also produces Vana Tallin liqueur and an aromatic gin. Vana Talinn has a National Status along with Kali. There are a number of Estonian alcohols available for you to enjoy while traveling.

Craft beer from Saku Distillery is very popular for its Saku beer along with a number of variants. There are many producers big and small in the country. And on a visit, you can buy alcohol in Estonia from sources mentioned. The country excels in food and drinks besides being one of the best tourism destinations in Europe.

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