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7 Common Strip Club Mistakes Every Man Must Avoid

Author: Samantha Brown
by Samantha Brown
Posted: Jun 11, 2021

Strip clubs are meant for unwinding; all people who visit strip clubs want to enjoy their time. However, no one should take a visit to a strip club for granted and think that they can do whatever they want.

All strip clubs have a strict code of regulations, which one has to follow or else get ready to be thrown out!

Here is a list of 7 common mistakes that every man visiting any strip club should avoid.

  1. Bringing your girlfriend is generally a mistake.

If you are visiting the gentleman club Brisbane City, you might consider taking your girlfriend along. Still, you should make sure that your girlfriend wants to come at all or not. Also, strippers generally avoid men who come to the clubs with their girlfriends, especially if they look uncomfortable seeing the strippers performing.

  1. Don’t go there just to drink.

If you want to get sloshed then there are bars for that. Visit strip clubs to enjoy the performance. If you don’t tip at least a stripper for her performance, you are probably the worst customer that these clubs hope to entertain.

  1. Never break any rules of a club.

If you are visiting a club for the first time, either you visit their website beforehand to know about their rules or enquire about all the rules once you are at the club. By adhering to the rules, you ensure that you do not get into any untoward situation and can enjoy your visit to the strip club the most.

  1. It is always prudent of you to say NO clearly.

Though you may think that the girl who offered you some private dance would feel bad but remember that they are professionals and a clear NO is always better than hesitating. It saves your time and theirs as well.

  1. Ensure that you give the proper respect to the performers.

They are professional entertainers and should be respected just like any other person. If you can’t respect the strippers at a strip club, it is best not to visit a strip club at all.

  1. Consent is very critical as many clubs don’t allow any kind of contact.

Others may permit some contact or full-body contact but the best thing to do is to talk to the stripper before making any physical contact, or else you may end up being humiliated or thrown out of the club.

  1. Using cash is the best thing to do when visiting a strip club.

And there is more than one reason for that. The first downside of using cards at the strip club would be the payment of an additional 10-20% as service charges. Secondly, you may overlook and some dishonest waitress may add additional tips to your bill that you will only get to know later on.

Broadly these are the seven most common mistakes that men make when they visit strip clubs. If you can avoid these mistakes, it’s highly unlikely that you will end up in any untoward situation.

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