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Is a teacup Pomeranian a good pet?

Author: Tanner Carter
by Tanner Carter
Posted: Jun 15, 2021
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No doubt, the first impression of a teacup Pomeranian dog is so good that everyone falls in love with this dog at first sight. The cuteness, tiny size, fluffy body, little eyes, and little face make everyone talk about this dog. That’s the reason many people want to make him/her a pet dog. The main point is, is a teacup Pomeranian a good pet dog or not? Because you can’t just take any dog at home just because of his appealing look. There are various factors that make any dog a good pet dog. If this dog fulfills all those factors, only then can you say he is a good pet dog. Otherwise, ignore the cuteness and better look for another pet dog. Let’s see if this dog fulfills the criteria or not.

A good pet dog should: Eliminate loneliness

Whenever you bring any dog to your home, you want him to make you happy. This little pup loves to play with adults. This dog smartly senses the owner’s mood and tries to please him with his different actions. He has the ability to change the owner’s mood within few minutes. That’s why he can eliminate your loneliness.

Guard dogs/ Watchdogs

They are very small, that’s why they can’t protect you, so I can’t say they are good guard dogs. However, they are good watchdogs. Because they bark too loud and they keep barking. Sometimes, people feel annoyed with their barking, but they can alert you whenever they feel any threat around them or around you.


Dogs are known for their loyalty to their owners, and a this dog is no different. He stays loyal to the owner and the family, which makes him a good pet dog.

A good dog feels happy when you come home

This dog also feels excited when you come home. He wants your attention; that’s why you may find him doing different stunts to get your attention. However, if they don’t get attention, they may get angry, and you may see a different side of this little dog. This little pup swings mood quickly; that’s why make sure if he wants your attention, give him the attention.

A good dog wants cuddles

Pomeranian is also one of those dogs who want to get cuddled by the owner. Even you will feel relaxed after cuddling these little fluffy dogs. You can cuddle them any time, like when you are watching Tv, drinking tea, or when you are relaxing on your bed.

A good dog makes you active

Those dogs who have a good energy level keep you active all the time. This dog has a moderate energy level, so they can keep you moderately active.

My opinion

According to me, a teacup Pomeranian is a good pet dog. If you look at all the above points that I have written, you can see this dog is either perfect or at least good in all those factors. Don’t expect him to protect you because they are so small, but you can bring him home if you want to spend entertaining years of your life.

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(BS) Veterinary technology student.

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