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Frequently Asked Questions About TEC Certification

Author: Vicky Kumar
by Vicky Kumar
Posted: Jun 18, 2021

TEC certification is the requirement for you if you want to import telecom equipment in India. Issued by the body that works under the Department of Telecommunication, the TEC or Telecommunication Engineering Centre in India, it’s a certificate that has seen a rapid rise in demand in recent years. However, as more people are getting aware about this requirement, the more questions they are asking.

Thus, we have aggregated the most frequently asked questions about TEC certification in this one blog.

What are the documents required for OEM and AIR registration?

During the procedure to obtain TEC approval certificate, you’ll be asked to register as an OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer and get registration for an AIR or Authorized Indian Representative.

If you’re an Indian OEM, the documents required for registration are:

  • Registration Certificate: The TEC accepts either the Certificate of Incorporation, if you’re applying for the license as a company, an LLP agreement if you’re applying as an LLP, or a partnership deed if you’re applying as a partnership.

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  • An authorization Letter: You’ll also need an authorization letter to authorize a person to perform the tasks required to obtain TEC approval on your behalf.

If you’re an Authorized Indian Representative filing the application on the foreign manufacturer’s behalf.

  • Registration certificate
  • Authorization letter
  • Affidavit in the prescribed format
  • AIR authorization letter signed by the Foreign manufacturer
How do I find the formats for the document required for OEM and AIR registration?

While the TEC registration consultants already have a template for the OEM or AIR registration documents, you can download the formats from MTCTE official website.

Who do I enter in the Applicant’s space when filing the TEC certification application?

The application form starts with you entering the name of the applicant. In that spot, you’ll need to enter the name of the Authorized executive who has been authorized by the manufacturer to file the application.

When i press refresh after entering the name of the applicant, the company name comes blank?

For TEC certification, you apply online only after the Telecommunication Engineering Centre has approved your profile. If you try to file the application form without the profile approval, the portal would remove certain details from your application so that it can’t be submitted.

I can’t login to my account at the TEC portal

It can be because the documents that you’ve submitted for OEM and AIR registration has been rejected by the TEC. In such case, you’d need to create a new login. Simply put, you need to try again.

What can I submit instead of MoU if I can’t find the format for the MoU?

If you file the application with the aid of TEC certificate consultants, you won’t need to worry about the format, for they will draft a new one customized for you. But, if you’re still intent on filing the MoU on your own, you can draft an affidavit and fill it with "user instructions" that you can copy from official MTCTE website. You can now submit that document to the TEC.

Do I need to have multiple AIRs for different telecom products?

No, the same Authorized Indian Representative can file the applications for multiple Telecom products.

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Do you have any questions about TEC certification in India? This short blog probably has it covered. Read it to know about the Frequently asked questions about TEC certification.

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