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The Impact of Bus Advertising

Author: Alastair Noble
by Alastair Noble
Posted: Jun 18, 2021

Advertising on buses is one of those unique ways for an entity to communicate to a wide array of audiences. Eye-catching as they are, these graphically inviting ads that are plastered on buses are on point in informing, entertaining, persuading, and reminding its message to everyone. Big or small, these ads have normally meshed to the people’s minds every day on their daily commute. The frequent interaction with this bus advertising costs people to also react accordingly to the message. Strategically placed, what makes this advertising medium a genius in conveying its message to the public?

Inevitable. No one is exempted and there is no escape on these ads, may it be a bus passenger, a pedestrian, a person on his vehicle, or a person enjoying coffee beside the window of a cafe. There is a high probability that a person can see a bus advertising daily.

Consistency. In terms of visibility, a person gets to see bus advertising not only once but over and over again. The repetitive delivery of its message embeds in people’s minds, thus allowing them to recall the information out of nowhere and instantly. It’s an effective way to reach the audience through constant reminding of the message.

Audience. Bus advertising rates are significantly high in terms of reaching a broader demographical scope of audience. Regardless of gender preference, age, occupation, interests, status in life, and even outlook in life is not a hindrance for this type of advertising to carry on its message.

Mobility. A bus is a mode of transport which moves people to various points. The bus carries the advertising from the point of origin, along the way, and to the destination. Its mobility makes it a billboard that can convey ads not only to its passengers from different locations but also to every person it passes through and vehicle it drives along.

Medium. The possibilities are endless in bus ad placements. Size and location are not a problem in bus advertising. Ads can be placed virtually anywhere. It can be on the exteriors of the bus like the front, back, sides, windows, doors, or even on the roof. It can be also inside like on the stairs, floors, ceilings, sunshade, seats, and even the grab handles.

Coverage. Depending on the operation, buses can be on the road for as much as 18 hours a day 7 days a week. The visual value alone almost beats the combined ad visibility and airtime of all other media platforms.

With its limitless range to constantly communicate to thousands of people from all walks of life in different packages and ways, bus advertising indeed is a great way to place the ads on.

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