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Crucial Safety Tips for Riding Electric Skateboards

Author: Skate Tek
by Skate Tek
Posted: Oct 07, 2014

Skateboarding with the motorized skateboard is something apparently cool among youngsters. You must be aware of two renowned figures in the field of skateboarding i:e. Tony Hawk and Shaun White added rebellious attitude to this sport. You can experience Oodles of fun is experienced in this sport.

On one hand it offers lots of fun and simultaneously it is a very easy way to get hurt and thus, you can sustain serious injuries for a long time if safety precautions have not been taken. There has been around more than 30% cases recorded each year people who got injured because of skateboarding, the reason is that they ride without using safety guards.

Skateboarding Safety Tips

While riding a skateboard it's easy to lose your balance. You can easily get hurt especially when you are learner or even if you are a skilled then also there are chances to get hurt. So, better to take precautions and wear safety guards. Sometimes, head injuries can result in unpleasant results. A place which is safe to ride skateboard are for safety concerns are:

  1. Skating parks - You should adhere to all the rules governing use of the park. Try to learn the etiquette of the park before you decide to undertake more dangerous or advanced tricks. There are areas in the parks which are set aside for learners.
  2. Empty pools - Empty pools are a good place for practice as it is completely away from any external disturbance such as traffic or any public interference. You are lucky if you have permission to practice in an empty pool. But get yourself familiar with the pool's surface before you ride, in case it is not well repaired it can be dangerous.
  3. Trails - It is imperative to inspect the trail before riding if mountain-boarding is your thing. Make sure there is nothing on the way to avoid any surprise encounter with a fallen tree.

Few Other Reminders

  1. You should be aware of all the local laws and find where you can do skating and where you can not skate.
  2. Do not try to take chance while exploring the rail, streets or mountain. Be wary of the aftermaths that can be the result of any wrong step.
  3. Be aware of your abilities. Try to avoid those tricks which are too advanced for you to practice and also can cause serious injury. If you are a beginner try to start with basic skills and then proceed for advanced skills.

skateboarding is a fun adventure. To make it safe also you need to follow some safety rules in order to avoid any dangerous aftermath. Electric skateboards add more fun with more speed and other advanced features. You must try to start with basic skills and then advanced tricks. Try to use safe places initially such as skate parks, empty pools etc.

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