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3 Superb Lime Drinks To Whip Up In A Hurry

Author: Aaina Khan
by Aaina Khan
Posted: Jun 18, 2021

Arm yourself with lime seasoning powder and try these 3 delicious drink recipes this season.

Lemons and limes are more potent than one realises – their tartness is counterbalanced by their medicinal properties, and they offer a refreshing taste and rejuvenating aroma. As a chef, you are aware of how to use lemons and limes in a variety of cuisines, from Indian to Chinese. They are versatile ingredients with a serious health kick – tank up on lime juice for your daily dose of Vitamin C in flu and cold season – and they add depth of flavour to every dish as well.

This article details 3 excellent lime-based drinks that are perfect for the summer. Just grab a bag of lime seasoning powder to begin. But first, read on.

What is lime seasoning powder?

Lime juice is used in a variety of Indian and continental preparations. The most basic use of lime juice is in creating lime-based mocktails and cocktails. But instead of chopping and juicing your way through mountains of limes to make enough juice to use in savouries, sweets and beverages, why not use one simple seasoning that takes care of it all – lime seasoning powder?

Just dissolve 500 gm of the powder to make 30 litres of lime juice. Stock it in the refrigerator or freeze into cubes to use whenever needed.

3 superb lime drinks to make in your kitchen

Now that you’re on board with the idea of using lime seasoning powder in your kitchen, it’s time to get started on making the lime juice and adding it to the 3 best lime drinks your customers will love this summer:

  1. Kiwi cooler: Take a large jug and dissolve 110 gm caster sugar in half a cup of hot water. Mix and leave in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, chop 4 green kiwi fruit and blend with the cooled syrup, mixing 80 ml lime juice and ½ cup mint leaves. Lastly, blitz with 2 ice cubes for 30 seconds. Pour into the jug again and add 1 cup sparkling water. Pour in tall glasses and serve with mint sprigs.
  2. Classic Margherita: This is one of the most popular lime cocktails in the world. The Margherita is sour and has a real hit since it features liquor, lime juice and sweetener like sugar syrup. We recommend using tequila, lime juice made using lime seasoning powder and Cointreau for a simple yet elegant Margherita that your patrons will love.
  3. Limeade. Who can resist a classic limeade in the summer? It is refreshing and a medically necessary beverage when the mercury shoots up and makes you sweat. Take a cup of lime juice and add 7 cups of water to it, with 1 cup of granulated sugar. Mix well till sugar dissolves, then set it aside in the refrigerator to chill. Serve cold with ice cubes, mint leaves and lime wedges.

Other uses of lime seasoning

Lime can be used to season savoury main course dishes, from noodles to Indian gravies. It is the perfect ingredient to add when you want the dish to have a tang but also a hit of refreshing sweetness. Aromatic and versatile, lime powder can season anything from dumplings to noodles, and from chicken kebabs to a basic vegetable salad.

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