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Comparison Shopping Engines Or Websites What Are Some Key Facts To Know

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Jun 15, 2021
comparison shopping

Comparison shopping engines or websites serve shoppers. They can locate several retailers of the merchandise they wish to purchase. They are free to compare the merchandise of all the retailers to buy the one that they like. However, for retailers, comparison shopping websites are a way of online promotion. Retailers can upload their merchandise information feeds. They can also set bids for specific merchandise or merchandise groups. The products in the information feed show up on the concerned comparison shopping website. They show up with the items of different retailers. Users who click on any merchandise are directed to the respective website to make the purchase.

How Are Comparison Shopping Websites And Marketplace Different?

Marketplaces, including eBay, have some features that comparison shopping websites have. Listing merchandises on marketplaces is like listing on comparison shopping websites for retailers.

Another common feature? The merchandises of a retailer will show up with the merchandises of different retailers.

They are different in the way shoppers purchase items.

The general manner of working of Pricedrone shopping and price comparison is CPC. Retailers need not pay a penny except when users click on their merchandise listing to land on their website.

On their website, users make the purchase. However, on marketplaces, the deal happens on the respective marketplace portal.

It is at this time that the respective Marketplace charges the retailers. Thus, the basis of operation is CPA.

Comparison Shopping Websites - Benefits

Comparison shopping websites have various overall benefits. However, they also offer specific benefits to shoppers who weigh them against existing marketplaces or different forms of PPC ads. We discuss these benefits below.

A greater reach - Retailers can capitalize on comparison shopping engines to expand their reach outside their portals to locate prospective customers.

Better conversions - A shopper on a comparison shopping website clicks to go over to the respective website after he or she has seen

  1. The product image.
  2. Its price.
  3. Different info, including facts about the retailer.

Shoppers will most likely click on merchandise listings that fulfill their requirements. Thus, retailers are more likely to acquire a conversion.

Retailers possess the customer – It’s a specific advantage that Pricedrone shopping and price comparison has over a marketplace. Shoppers who buy a product or two of a retailer on a marketplace, like eBay, stay clients of the respective Marketplace. Thus, the product retailer cannot engage with the buyers appropriately sometimes later. In addition, the retailer cannot make the buyer a returning client. However, when a buyer purchases the product on a comparison shopping website, he or she becomes a client of the retailer.

How Can Retailers Maximize Return On Investment On Comparison Shopping Websites?

Retailers listing their merchandises on comparison shopping websites should focus on some essential things for more conversions. Firstly, they should abide by the channel's feed provisions, optimize the content they place in the information feed, and update it. Second, they should manage their bids regularly. Third, they should remove merchandises that aren’t performing and put more bids for items faring well. Lastly, they must optimize their website.

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Fareed is a graduate of computer science engineering, a writer and marketing consultant. he continues to study on Nano technology and its resulting benefits to achieving almost there.

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