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Motor Vehicle Safety - Training for Motor Vehicle Fleet Management

Author: Mayika Fleet Management
by Mayika Fleet Management
Posted: Jun 20, 2021

Simply put, driver safety classes are online courses that serve as a great refresher for all those things that you forgot as you went car shopping. The difficulty and length of the class will be determined by where you reside. For example, in some states there is a minimal requirement of hours for classroom training. In other states the minimum requirement of classroom training must be completed in one year.

One of the things that tends to be forgotten in driver safety courses is keeping safe while driving. It's easy to let your guard down when shopping for auto insurance or talking to the salesperson at the dealer. It's easy to make snap judgments based on looks and style. Drivers need to pay attention to things like the condition of their car and whether they've taken a traffic ticket recently.

A good driver safety program should include information about defensive driving. The policy should explain that drivers must practice defensive driving techniques both in and outside of the car. The policy should also outline the importance of wearing a seat belt and what types of discounts are available for those who wear a seat belt. A good driver safety policy will also detail the specific responsibilities of each driver and detail any penalties that may result if a driver is caught breaking a safety rule.

In addition to driver safety courses, many states require drivers to take an online drivers education course. These classes can usually be done in a single sitting and are typically fairly inexpensive. You'll learn about the basic laws of safe driving and defensive driving through lectures, practice tests, and quizzes. You'll also be able to apply the learned material right away by taking a practice test. After you successfully complete the online course, you'll receive a certificate of completion. This certificate is often offered as a valid form of driver's license in many states.

Defensive driving courses teach motorists how to drive safely and how to avoid crashes that are likely to occur. Most states require drivers to take one such class every year. To find out the requirements in your state, contact your state transportation department or consult the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. This association has created a great web site, NHTSA dot com, so you can find out what the legal minimum requirements are in your area.

Some drivers don't believe that they need to take a driver safety course. If this is the case, they may be interested to learn that most insurance companies offer some form of discount for safe driving. Insurance discounts for driver safety may even be available for teenage drivers. Contact your insurance company to find out what programs they have available.

Many insurance companies also have programs in place for driver safety and coverage for those who work for them. The Insurance Information Institute recommends that all fleet managers get an online safety training course. The course should cover traffic laws, hazard awareness, vehicle maintenance practices, and proper identification and use of emergency lights and emergency road services equipment. Such training courses are also helpful to fleet managers who are responsible for the safe operation of their company's vehicles.

Fleet managers who don't take such training courses are at risk for having their motor vehicle operation policies invalidated. Violating the policies could result in the vehicles of their employees being replaced. It's a legal obligation for companies to ensure their employees are kept safe on the roads. Violating the law puts the company in danger of paying large fines. Keeping your motor vehicle drivers under control not only protects the safety of your staff, it also makes good business sense.

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