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How Can I Spruce Up My Bedroom For Free?

Author: Abdul Rauf Khal'id
by Abdul Rauf Khal'id
Posted: Jun 17, 2021
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We know getting round to decorating can be hard and many of us end up putting it off until it really needs doing! Three things normally get in our way: time, money, and the disruption it causes. But what if there are ways you can improve the look of your bedroom without these three things being a big issue? There’s plenty of ways you can spruce up your bedroom for free or next to nothing. What could be better?

If you have a creative flair, then creating your own headboard is a fantastic, affordable, and enjoyable way of including your own style in your bedroom. The best part is that it will be totally unique – no one else will have the same as you! You can go down a fabric route, or if you’re feeling extra creative then using leftover wood flooring is the new hot trend this summer to create it. Versatile and goes with everything, wood flooring will work well with any taste and style and there’s no danger of it going out of fashion either. Ideal! Bet you never thought of that?

A rug is a really good place to start if you have worn floors or even just want to introduce a bit more color into your bedroom and make it your own. Not only does a rug help with warmth and insulation, but again it’s an instant way of including a bit more character and it’s so easy to place – no installation needed! If you’re arty, then why not have a go at making your own rug? A rag rug will give your bedroom a rustic sheik and a fantastic enjoyable project. If you’re not keen on making your own then you can buy a second-hand rug at an affordable price.

Pictures are another trick. You can spend as much or as little as you want as well – of course, you can end up spending thousands on new paintings or just get affordable ones from IKEA or the charity shop. Again, you can create a completely new look by doing this. You don’t even need to splash out on expensive frames – arranging them in intricate patterns will make your bedroom look extra quirky.

Lights, lights, lights! The best way to make your interior look more expensive than it is. Cost next to nothing, fairy lights will lift your room and give it that lovely cozy feeling. Coming in so many colors, from white to multi-colors.

This may sound obvious and patronizing (we don’t mean to) but rearranging your furniture can make your bedroom feel like a completely different place without spending a penny. We all get bored of the same old thing and need to spice things up, and you may find something else looks perfect in another part of the room you didn’t even think of!

Declutter! Easy and the most effective way to improve things. It’s well known that too much clutter can make things feel outdated – tidy bedroom tidy mind. Remove ornaments that aren’t adding anything to your bedroom aesthetic, clear out our of-season clothes, and make space for the stuff you’re wearing. It works with the furniture as well – then you’ll have space to fling your work or gym bag which can get in the way!

If you’re not keen on paintings, then have you considered wall hangings? An easy way to fill your room full of character and style, and you can spend as much or as little as you want. They can cover a large space (maybe a mark or two) or a lot of smaller ones?

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