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Dentures Can Improve Your Dental Health and Self-Esteem

Author: Shen Chao
by Shen Chao
Posted: Oct 07, 2014

Dentures are removable replacements for filling in gaps in teeth and missing teeth. Dentures are basically two types, complete set dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used as a replacement when the dentist has to replace the entire set of teeth. Partial dentures are used to replace some portion of the teeth structure or a missing individual teeth.

Nature of complete dentures

Complete dentures can be constructed in either "conventional" or "immediate" way. In either case, they are only constructed after the gum heals completely after the removal of teeth. Complete dentures are prepared in a span of 12 weeks after the teeth are removed.

Immediate dentures are made in advance even before the teeth are removed. Once the teeth are removed they are ready for placement and the gums are allowed to heal along with the dentures.

Over a period of time, gums and bones experience shrinkage, especially when the gums are healing. The disadvantage with immediate dentures is that they may not adjust perfectly when the tooth structure shrinks. That is why immediate dentures are considered as a short term solution until the conventional dentures are ready to be fixed.

Nature of partial dentures

Partial dentures are constructed using a pink base that resembles the gums. It is placed in the mouth using a metal framework and is fixed firmly. Usually, these are permanent fixtures and they can be used to replace the natural teeth in the upper and lower jaw. The fixed permanent teeth are placed and a dental bridge is used to cement the fixture in its place. A precision dental implant can be removed and has clasps that cling to the adjacent dentures. Both these fixtures look and function like natural teeth.

The structure of dentures

It takes about 6 weeks time to develop the dentures and a patient might need to visit the dentist several times during this period. The denture is made to resemble the natural teeth and priority is given to the shape of the gum structure.

  • The dentist creates wax forms and plastic imitations of the jaws.
  • This preliminary model is tried to judge the perfect fit, color and shape of the jaw.
  • If the dentist finds discrepancies, he or she makes alterations to the preliminary structure and a second trial would be conducted.
  • A final denture is casted and adjustments are made if necessary.

Dental implants are a terrific alternative to dentures. They are a more permanent solution. However, dental implants are exponentially costlier compared to dentures. But, the implants are the closest you can get to natural teeth as they feel like your natural teeth. Even though dental implants have become very popular, it may not suit all types of patients. Only a dentist can determine the suitability of implants.

Some insurance companies cover the costs of dentures and implants, but to get the exact specifics of coverage you need to contact your insurance company.

Healthy teeth are extremely important to a person’s self-esteem, confidence level and appearance. Missing teeth and gaps in the teeth take away a person’s ability to smile confidently. With advanced dental technology, you can easily regain your natural smile and confidence. If you are looking to transform your smile and regain your self-esteem, you should visit a dentist.

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About the Author

Shen Chao is part of Dr. Joshua Hong’s Smile Clinic. While working at the Smile Clinic, he has witnessed how dental implants can improve people’s smiles and boost their self confidence.

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