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What are the location based services and its types?

Author: Hayden Brown
by Hayden Brown
Posted: Jun 25, 2021
based services

There are a lot of different technologies that have been a major part of the world's digital transformation. Over the past years, Global Positioning Systems have become an important part of various services around the world. Apart from the most common uses like navigation and tracking, there's a lot more you can do with the help of GPS. Location-based services are possible with the help of Positioning. These services are created based on the geographical data and information collected by the system. There a lot you can create with the help of data that is generated by GPS, this data comprises information on traffic, behavior, use of space, etc. Location-based services help in managing services and guiding customers in the right direction. There is a lot that you can do with the help of location-based services. These services are usually accessed via smartphones and other digital devices. Today, smartphones have become an important part of everyone's lives. Anyone can access location-based services with the help of smartphones. A lot of applications are available that provide a variety of location-based services like navigation, tracking, delivery, locating, location sharing, etc.

Out of many, There are four basic types of Location-Based services:

1. Maps and Navigation

This is one of the most important types of location-based services. This service is used by a maximum number of individuals and businesses around the world. This makes it easy for anyone to get anywhere without any hassle of finding the way and or losing the way. Digital maps are highly advanced and provide the best route available to get to the destination. Instead of looking for a place on the map and figuring out the way, digital maps allow users to simply type their desired location on the search bar and start the navigation. These services also provide voice-operated commands that are very beneficial for visually challenged individuals and make their experience comfortable.

2. Tracking

This service has been able to help many important services of society. Especially for logistic services, tracking makes it easier for the management to keep a check on the services. There are so many devices that have been created with the tracking system. We can track ourselves, family members, important assets amongst others that are important. We can even track our transport when we are going on a journey such as trains, buses, and even airplanes. All of this has been possible with the help of Global Positioning Systems.

3. Information service

Location-based services have enabled us to collect information that can help in making societal organizations much more efficient. We can gather information to create statistical reports that can be very helpful for research and study purposes to upgrade important services in society. There are various types of information services that are utilizing location-based services for their work. Some of them are Global Information Service (GIS), Management Information Service (MIS), Decision Support Service (DSS), Data Warehouses (DW), and many more.

4. Applications

Location-based services allow services like food delivery, online shopping, booking taxi rides, etc, possible. Applications that provide these services are very dependent on location-based services for their services. These applications require tracking, navigation, and even location-based marketing to run.


There are a lot of benefits that location-based services provide to various organizations. Apart from GPS, indoor localization system are also in high demand due to their various benefits. For large indoor spaces, IPS systems can help in managing, tracking, navigation, location-based marketing, asset management, and much more. This system takes location-based services to the next level.

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