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How to Get a Multi-Currency Forex Card for International Travel?

Author: Vandana Rana
by Vandana Rana
Posted: Jun 26, 2021

Traveling is the best form of learning as it will teach you many essential life lessons. When you visit a different country, you discover their culture, history, traditions, and more often rekindling a newfound appreciation for their own country and culture. But traveling to a new country needs to be a thorough process than most of us would like it to be. The essential part of your travel planning revolves around money or currency conversion.

If you are traveling to a foreign country, buying a Forex card is the best option. Based on where you are going and your overall traveling schedule, getting a Multi-Currency Forex card might be a wiser idea. If you want to know what a Multi-Currency Forex is and how to get it, read this article till the end.

What is a Multi-Currency Forex Card?

A Multi-Currency Forex card is a Forex card that can convert your money into multiple currencies. So instead of just converting your Indian Rupees into just US Dollar or just British Pound, you can now add both to your Forex cards. A Multi-Currency Forex card will be helpful for your multi-national travels as you don't have to worry about currency conversion at every stop. You can get your Multi-Currency Forex card at your bank or nearest Currency Exchange in Delhi. You need to add a significant amount for the various currencies you might need during your trip, and you are on your way to a cash-free international vacation.

How to get a Multi-Currency Forex Card for your International Travel?

Now that we have explained what a Multi-Currency Forex card is, it's time to know how to get one for your abroad trip. The process of getting your Multi-Currency Forex Card for your International travel trip may vary depending on the bank or Currency Exchange in Delhi that you may choose.

  • To apply for a Multi-Currency Forex card, you need to submit the required documentation. It generally includes the application form along with copies of your Passport, Visa, and Airplane Tickets.
  • Depending on the purpose of your travel, you might need to furnish additional documents. Whether you are making this trip for traveling, studying, or employment, you may be required to file more documents.
  • After you submit all the necessary documents for a Multi-Currency Forex card, the bank or currency exchange will process the documents. It will involve verification and cross-checking of your details and records.
  • On the successful verification, your transaction for getting a Multi-Currency Forex card comes to fulfillment. A Multi-Currency Forex card in your name will issue, and you can add the desired amounts of foreign currency.
  • You can choose between the different foreign currencies that you want to convert to for your international travel. We advise you to add an extra amount for emergencies, which you can always cash after you complete your trip.
  • If you feel that you might run out of the amount that you load onto your Multi-Currency Forex card, there's a solution for that situation. You can fill in the required documentation to add more cash to your Forex and leave it with your agent from the Currency Exchange in Delhi.
  • Once you have returned from your international travel, you can encash all the remaining cash from your Multi-Currency Forex card. If you travel more frequently, you can skip this step and save the currency for your next trip.


We hope that going through this article has helped you understand everything about Multi-Currency Forex cards, including what they are and why you need them. We have explained in detail how to get these Forex cards before your international travel trips. You should contact money changer for detailed information and initiate the process of getting your Multi-Currency Forex card.
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