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Drain Repair Toronto Industry Experts Reveal 5 Ultimate Drain Snaking Tips

Author: Cloggeddrain Cleaning
by Cloggeddrain Cleaning
Posted: Oct 08, 2014
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Drain cleaning is an arduous task. Yet, when it strikes, it become a nuisance within minutes. In Greater Toronto Area, as per estimates, there are approximately 20 calls daily for clogged drain repair. Every building, whether residential or commercial, should comprise of an efficient draining system. It’s a drain, but that doesn’t mean that it will swallow just anything!

What Causes Drains to Clog?

We humans often tend to flush down things in these drains which aren’t actually suited for them which eventually clogs them. Toronto’s drain cleaning experts are a busy lot. They refer to a clogged drain as nothing less than a ‘household hazard.’ However according to most professional plumbers in GTA, the easiest solution for this problem is – drain snaking. This also covers local plumbing services and sewer and drain repairs.

The traditional plumbing snake is actually a long steel cable with a motor-head on its one end to help it push deep down in the drain’s throat. The cable moves the object that is stuck in the drain ultimately making it free from the clog. Those who are suffering from a clogged drain in their house should take help from the following tips.

  1. Try to buy a motorized drain snake for yourself. It will definitely cost a bit more than the traditional manual one, but it will definitely make things easier and less messy. While using a manual plumbing snake, one should always wear rubber gloves as they can help to protect your hands from the rough edges of the drain. Emergency drain cleaning services in Toronto often carry trenchless devices for better productivity.

  2. Once you feed the plumbing cable’s head inside the drain, make sure it is reaching the point where you think the drain is clogged. Switch-on the motor to start the vibratory motion of the auger. While using the manual version, try to be gentle and rotate the auger in a clockwise way for best results. Cleaning through tough drain clogs is a job for the professionals.

  3. Reposition the cable continuously so as to make it work its way out through the object that’s clogging the drain. Hold the device in such a way that it is steady and firm in your hands so as to avoid scratching the pipe’s insides. If you will act roughly with the snake, then it might crack or scar your drain pipe.

  4. Once you realise that the cable has made contact with the object that’s blocking the drain pipe, stop pushing for a moment. Turn the head of the auger and then move it back and forth so that it starts chewing the clog. This way it will efficiently and easily remove the clog in just a nick of a time.

  5. After feeding on the blockage, the clog that’s present will either break into small pieces and get washed away or will become of that size where you can easily pull it out from the drain pipe. This is the messiest part of the job for which the rubber gloves are advised. Also keep a bucket along with you to hold the debris.

People often tend to use harsh acidic chemicals for this job. These chemicals can although work great, but they can also scar the insides of the pipe making them prone to leaks. Hence, drain snaking is probably the best method for clearing small blockages.

We, at clogged drain provide the best drain repair services in Toronto. Our experts also help home owners know more about their drains and how to maintain them properly.

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Clogged Drain Cleaning provides tips for home owners to maintain their plumbing system in pristine condition. Professional tips help in achieving a robust plumbing system.

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Author: Cloggeddrain Cleaning

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