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Begonia Bulbs

Author: Kate Brandon
by Kate Brandon
Posted: Oct 08, 2014

Begonias are some of the most joyful and bright flowers that can grow indoors. However, they also make the perfect flowers for the garden. You can plant begonia bulbs in pots to keep them indoors during cold times and then transfer them outside, in a shady place. They are very easy to plant and maintain.

When you think about begonias, it is hard not associate them with romance and voluptuousness. These beautiful, colorful and vibrant flowers bring light and dynamism in any place, even though they actually love shady places. Their long blooming season and the wide variety of colors of these flowers are some of their strongest advantages. Even more, these plants can grow indoors and outdoors alike, which makes them perfect for any house owner. You can actually extend their lifespan and get them started early by planting begonia bulbs in a pot first. In this way, when the first days of summer are starting to arrive, you will already be ready to have a colorful garden with joyful flowers.

There are two types of begonias: some of them can be planted using seeds and others grow from bulbs. The first ones tend to be a little bit smaller than the others and they might have trouble growing. However, those who grow from begonia bulbs are sturdier and more resistant. Both of them can be found in a very wide variety of colors. You can select every color from white to pink, red, orange, yellow or purple. Seeds begonias and bulb ones must be planted annually. However, with begonias that grow from bulbs, you have the possibility to save the bulbs for later.

Choosing the location where you want to plant the begonias is very important. These flowers usually prefer growing in the shadow instead of sunny places. That is actually one of the reasons why they make such greats house plants. Very often, you can see begonias on the porch of a house. Many people actually prefer growing their begonias in pots, especially because these flowers grow better in soil-free garden mixes. However, they grow just as well outside, as long as you choose a place that is at least partially shaded.

Planting begonias is very easy. It is actually the best way to start gardening because you get to learn the basics with these beautiful flowers. When plating them in a pot, you should place the begonia bulbs in a pot that is at least 3 inches deep. The plant should also have at least 1 inch of space around it, so it can grow healthily. Another thing you should avoid is having a higher level of moisture, because these plants can be quite sensitive. As long as the pot has a good drainage, it should be perfect for the flower to grow. Just make sure to use room temperature water for the plant.

If you are interested in starting gardening and you want to try several types of begonia bulbs do not hesitate to visit, a website where you can find a wide varietyof plants.

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