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Cardinal Rules that You Need to Follow While Tipping Your Taxi Driver

Author: (Nathan Jons
by (Nathan Jons
Posted: Jul 02, 2021

When you take a ride on a private taxi you would expect the best ride – from the economic point of view and from the aspect of physical comfort and convenience. But as you know, nothing comes for free and the transport cost you pay for that comfort and convenience is a bit higher than what you pay for public transport.

But that’s not all. You at times have to go some extra miles for certain obvious unavoidable reasons. Tipping the driver of your taxi is one of those steps. Well, there is no compulsion to tip the driver from the business point of view. Still, you are expected to do so, to maintain a cordial relation and to end the trip on a high! Now tipping is not that easy, as it may seem. You need to maintain utter professionalism. And for that, you need to follow certain rules.

Here they are:

Using Common Sense

This is the base. You need to use your common sense while tipping the driver of the taxi hire service in Bristol. Consider the overall conduct of the driver all throughout the service. What the professional indeed acted professionally? What is the driver helpful? Did the pro help you go beyond the scope of service? What was the total distance travelled? Once you get a clear answer to all these questions, you can easily determine the tip that you need to give.

Be generous if you cannot afford

There is no hard and fast rule as such for paying tips in cash. Thus, if you are not in a position to afford paying a tip, you need to act differently. You need to acknowledge and express your generosity and appreciation in a different way. You can get a small gift to the driver or a handmade, handwritten card. Your attitude should depict your intention and it will go a long way in striking a good rapport with the taxi hire service in Bedminster or elsewhere.

Do not consider tipping as optional

Though it may not be a written clause of MUST DO things in the contract with the service provider, experts would advise not to consider tipping as an optional act. This is because, when you consider any clause as optional, it loses its gravity and you become lenient in sticking to that clause. Thus, when it comes to tipping the driver of your taxi hire service in Avonmouth, treat it as a compulsory head of expense. It this way, you attach the respect and importance that you are supposed to give to this chapter. You never forget it and you pay precisely the right amount that the driver may deserve.

Tip According to the Service

Do not overrate or under rate a driver. In both cases, it may be derogatory for the driver. Thus, you need to tip the driver precisely according to the class and the calibre of the service that you have received from the driver.

Thus you see, when you consider all these points while tipping the driver of your taxi hire service, you do so perfectly and professionally and that is precisely what is expected from you.

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Nathan Jons is a copywriter and content writer, She authors in depth guides that helping people understood about content marketing through her easily digestible materials.

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