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7 swimming tips for beginners

Author: Brian Dean
by Brian Dean
Posted: Jun 29, 2021
swimming tips

If you have a passion of swimming in fibreglass pools, whether you practice it only as a way of fun or you are going to move to the next level, you need to consider these 7 swimming tips for beginners that will help no matter what goals you have.


Learn to keep the glasses on your eyes for at least an hour, without taking them off for a second. Usually, a swimming workout can include a warm-up, a set of pool laps (depending on the type of workout you do), practicing specific techniques (if you have an instructor to guide you). Most swimming practitioners have the habit of taking off their glasses and placing them on their foreheads after each set of laps so that later, at the beginning of a new one, they can reposition their glasses where they belong. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you participate in swimming competitions in the future (especially if you are long-distance), you should know that you will not have this luxury.


When you are new to swimming, it is good to start using such an underwater breathing tube. This equipment is usually used by those who love diving, but it can also be beneficial. Using it, you will focus strictly on the movements you have to do, getting rid of the worry of breathing. But, of course, if you are going to participate in competitions at some point, you will have to practice a lot without this equipment.


To avoid water infiltration or infections, especially if you suffer from ear sensitivity, buy some special swimming plugs to use every time you go to the pool. But, of course, if you have a coach, it would be advisable to give up the accessory. That, of course, if you want to hear his directions :).


One of the most important swimming tips for healthy lifestyle is choosing a professional to help you learn the correct swimming techniques, whether you want to practice this sport as a hobby or reach a higher level. Even if you can learn to swim independently, that doesn't mean you'll do it right. A faulty swimming style is very demanding on your body and can make you more tired than necessary. An instructor can follow your evolution and will correct you every time you deviate from the correct execution of a swimming style.


If you are participating in a competition for the first time and want to know more details about what you have to do, try to get them from more experienced people than you. Whether it's unwritten rules or swimming tips that can help you during the race, they will be happy to share them, as you are not a threat to them.


Even if you are generally a desirable person, who frequently trains at the gym or on the running track, this does not mean that you will do just as well in the swimming pool. The training for this sport is specific, and there are all chances that you will not cope with them at first. So, another important point of these swimming tips for beginners refers to the expectations you must have from yourself when you start on such a path. Start with small steps, train gradually, set goals that you can achieve and in a short time you will become an ace in this sport.


This swimming tip for beginners can be easily applied in almost all sports and workouts. It is always better to perform the movements correctly, focusing on the signals transmitted by the body, than to work hard and poorly. It's true, you may have the illusion that you trained more, but in reality, the results will not show that.

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