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How Many Games Can Fit On 1TB?

Author: Archie Long
by Archie Long
Posted: Jul 03, 2021

Games for video game consoles and computer PCs come in either AA (double-A games) or AAA (triple-A games). It all depends upon the quality and budget of the game you are putting in the storage device. Storage devices do not have a limited game capacity. It has limited gigabytes (GBs) or terabytes (TBs) in the memory. Once space fills up, the device can no longer save extra games. AAA games have superior graphics and extraordinary longer gameplay; they can easily top a 250GB space mark. The higher and modern the game, the more space it will take.

There is always a memory card and PlayStation 2 HDMI converter along with the PlayStation consoles. Sony Company provides original extra storage devices as well for your latest PS consoles.

Gigabytes in One Terabyte and Games that Fit in Storage Device

There are approximately 1000 GB of space in one Terabyte storage device. One triple-A game is worth 25 to 50 GB the most. In this case, it depends upon the budget of your game or the collection of games you store on the device. You can store 20 AAA games of your latest console on your 1 TB device. If your PC games are no more than 25 GB then you can store 40 games the most. Games are heavy applications. They have files, folders, and coded documents along with the application. That is why they take up so much space. If you have thousand PC games, then the maximum number of games you can fit in is 100 or less.

Is 1 TB enough for a hundred or Thousand Games?

This is because games released in the late 1980s to 2020 are different in size. The game's quality and size increased with every era. Ranging from mere 200 MBs, the high tech console games have hit more than 200 GB! This is one drawback of transporting HD console games. Sometimes, you can only store 5 games maximum if the games are this heavy.

Multiple games still are no more than 1 GB! Such games can come in the number of thousands in your storage device and easily transported. Pictures, videos, documents and even your movies can fit in your storage device with ease, but when it comes to games, they always have insufficient space to fit in.

How Much TB is enough for Modern Games?

You need approximately 3TB to 5TB storage hardware if you want to store many heavy-duty games at once. If you still have old games, then 1TB is more than enough. Fifty retro games can fit in the device without any memory issue. Modern games on the other hand take more memory and space on the device.


It is better to check the memory of all the games you have on one device before purchasing and regretting a storage device lesser than your requirement. Modern games require heavy budget storage capacity. You cannot congest your device higher than its memory capacity. It enters that red zone and might corrupt the device.

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