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NBA 2K21: 5 Players With Excessive Ratings (and 5 Players Who Are Rated Too Low)

Author: Propeller48 Propeller48
by Propeller48 Propeller48
Posted: Jul 08, 2021

NBA 2K21 is a game that gets a lot of things right, but there were some errors when it came to assigning ratings to certain players. Some are excessively high, while others are excessively low.

When a new NBA 2K game is on the horizon, fans are glued to the game's social media pages, eager to learn how each player is rated by the community. This is something of a milestone for the franchise, as the ratings are revealed in small doses throughout the buildup to the film's release. As is always the case, the popularity of Nba 2K21 MT was a major talking point.

It isn't just the initial ratings that are problematic. Throughout the season, the game will update frequently to reflect both those who excel and those who struggle to keep up. Regardless, they don't always get it right, resulting in some players being rated too high and others being rated too low in relation to their on-court performance.

Paul George (90) has a rating that is too high.

On paper, a 90 overall rating for Paul George appears to be about right. After all, he's a former MVP candidate who currently ranks as the second-best player on one of the league's most dominant squads. Because of his new team, George has seen his overall game deteriorate somewhat since his arrival at the Clippers. With so much talent surrounding him, it was expected that his stats would suffer, but the decline has been significant.

In the past two years, scoring, rebounding, steals, and nearly all other categories have decreased. In addition, he has a history of underperforming in the playoffs (shooting 39% in the postseason last season). Consider that Jimmy Butler (who led the Heat to the NBA 2K21 MT Finals) and Bradley Beal (the league's leading scorer) have the same rating as one another.

Lonzo Ball (80) is rated too low.

When Lonzo Ball first entered the NBA, the name he went by was surrounded by a cloud of controversy. His father appeared on numerous radio shows and ESPN programs to brag about the level of talent he and his children possessed, and he pumped himself up by claiming he could do things like beat Michael Jordan one-on-one.

The incident placed a target on Lonzo's back, and many fans were relieved to see him struggle in his early years. Having said that, Lonzo has grown into a very good basketball player over the years. He can do a little bit of everything and has made significant strides in his shooting. In spite of the fact that he is still only 23, he has plenty of room to improve his position in the rankings.

Jaren Jackson Jr.'s (83) score is too high.

Jaren Jackson Jr. is a member of the Memphis Grizzlies' fantastic young core, which has Grizzlies fans all over the world excited about the team. Along with Rookie of the Year Ja Morant and Brandon Clarke, he is putting together a team worth building a foundation on. Unfortunately, he continues to be rated a little too highly in this game.

Jackson Jr. has demonstrated a proclivity for scoring (17.4 points per game last season), but the rest of his game still requires improvement. Despite his 6-foot-11 frame, he could only muster 4.6 rebounds per game on average. The fact that he is ranked so close to Morant (86) and other big men such as Jarrett Allen (84) and Andre Drummond (83) appears to be a fluke.

Tyler Herro (80) is rated too low.

Everybody was talking about the Miami Heat's sharpshooting duo of Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro during their surprising run to the NBA 2K21 MT Finals in 2020. Despite the fact that both players are good, Herro appears to have more potential right now, with some believing he could be even better than All-Star Devin Booker.

The verdict is still out on that, but Herro was a playoff hero of NBA 2K21 MT, racking up more points in the process. While he hasn't had a breakout season thus far, he is still putting up respectable numbers and deserves to be ranked higher. This is especially true when compared to other players of similar caliber.

Ben Simmons (88) scored too high.

Ben Simmons, like Paul George, is regarded as a top-tier player, and his rating of 88 may appear to be appropriate. It's true that he's a versatile point guard who can take advantage of his size and is capable of putting up triple-doubles on a regular basis.

When you dig a little deeper into his game, it becomes more questionable. As good as Simmons is on the offensive end, he has reached a stalemate. His numbers have remained consistent, but he has shown little to no improvement since entering the league, with the exception of his defensive play. He falls behind other top-tier point guards if he does not have a jump shot or something new to add to his game in NBA 2K21 MT.

Victor Oladipo (81) is rated too low.

It's a shame that Victor Oladipo's professional career has been hampered by injuries. The gifted guard had solid seasons in Orlando and Oklahoma City before establishing himself as a star with the Indiana Pacers. In his first season, he averaged 23.1 points per game, led the league in steals, and helped the team reach the playoffs in NBA 2K21 MT.

When injuries struck, it appeared as though the league had lost interest in him. Teams were not even interested in trading for him until he was acquired by Houston as part of the James Harden trade. This season, he is back to averaging more than 20 points per game and is regaining the form that he had as a player just as he is reaching the peak of his career.81 is an unacceptably low number.

Mitchell Robinson (82) has a score that is too high.

While Oladipo has already established himself, the opposite is true for Mitchell Robinson of the New York Knicks. The big man embodies the epitome of untapped potential and undiscovered talent. Despite the fact that his game hasn't quite reached its potential, the 2K franchise continues to give him high marks NBA 2K21 MT.

Robinson has yet to average more than 10 points per game or more than nine rebounds per game in a season. He has demonstrated a proclivity for blocking shots, but that is about it. Despite the fact that he is only 22 years old and has plenty of time to become a star, he should not be ranked higher than better players at this time.

Devin Booker (88) is rated too low.

LeBron James has referred to the aforementioned Devin Booker as "the most disrespected player in our league."Those words were spoken by the superstar because Booker, despite being extremely skilled and talented, is consistently underappreciated and left off lists of the best players and All-Stars.

From the moment he entered the league, Booker has proven to be a prolific scorer. In one game, when he was only 20 years old, he scored a total of 70 points. And he's only 24 years old. Booker can score in bunches, has developed the ability to run an offense, and is still developing his skills. It's ridiculous that he's rated lower than Zion Williamson (89) and Jaylen Brown (89), both of whom are very good but not quite on his level, and that he's rated lower than him.

Tyrese Haliburton's (83) salary is too high.

This is not intended to be a slight against Tyrese Haliburton in any way. In his first season with the Sacramento Kings, he has made a name for himself as a standout performer out of Iowa State. As of now, he's averaging just under 12 points per game while dishing out approximately five assists and making more than 40% of his three-point attempts.

He's shaping up to be a very good basketball player, according to all accounts. Having said that, he is currently ranked far too high in the rankings. In terms of production, he shouldn't be ranked higher than Herro, Ball, or Derrick Rose (81), nor should he be on the same level as Collin Sexton, Carmelo Anthony, or Dejounte Murray.

D'Angelo Russell (83) is ranked too low.

This just doesn't make any sense, to be completely honest. D'Angelo Russell was released by the Los Angeles Lakers, but he found a home with the Brooklyn Nets, where he went on to become an All-Star. After a brief stint with the Golden State Warriors, he is now with the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he continues to be a star despite the team's struggles.

Russell is averaging just under 20 points per game this season, but he has averaged at least 21.1 points per game every season since 2019. He has demonstrated that he is capable of being a leader and that he has a proclivity to make big shots. He may not be a candidate for the elite 90 overall group, but he deserves to be ranked above players such as Jordan Clarkson (84) and others.

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