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Races, Consumables & Professions for WOW TBC Hunter

Author: Propeller48 Propeller48
by Propeller48 Propeller48
Posted: Jul 08, 2021

Recently, I've been playing classic World of Warcraft, but I also enjoy playing World of Warcraft retail. I primarily participate in pvp, but I'm also a huge nerd who enjoys doing everything in this game.

Races, Consumables & Professions for WOW TBC Hunter


Some of these talents are interchangeable; for example, you could swap one point from Counterattack and one point from Expose Armor to Thrill of the Hunt.

It all comes down to personal preference, and I prefer to use Counterattack because it works well in conjunction with Deterrence. It can be extremely useful at times due to its random procs, but it can also be extremely annoying for melee enemies such as rogues and warriors, who can easily kill you if they have any uptime. You could also swap out the two talent points from Efficiency and put them into Rapid Killing instead, which would result in a shorter cooldown on Rapid Fire.


You'll want to make use of this for phase one. The meta gem you receive will differ depending on whether you are a horde or an alliance. If you are playing as an orc, you will want the Powerful Earthstorm Diamond.

STATS PvP stats are typically centered around resilience and stamina, which is especially important for WOW TBC hunters because most of your games will be lengthy.

Intellect is yet another extremely important stat for hunters, as Aspect of the Viper regeneration is directly related to your int pool. Basically, the more intelligence you have, the faster you regenerate mana in this aspect, which means you'll be enchanting weapons with 30+ intelligence and even gemming intelligence at times.

RACES are a type of race that takes place between two or more people.

Your best PVP races will be ORC> everything else, and if you don't want to be an orc, I'd recommend tauren> belf> troll. This is due to the fact that Orcs still have the same stun resistance passive racial as before, but it has been nerfed to 15%. This can be extremely useful when facing stun classes, and it will be even more effective when combined with the stun meta gem. Blood fury now affects range attack power, which means it can deal significant damage. As an added bonus, you can use your blood fury to reset wound and/or mortal strike debuffs, so that when it wears off, you will not have any stacks or mortal strike debuffs on you. Orcs also gain pet damage, making them the best choice for PVE.

Tauren have a racial ability called war stomp, which can be useful in a variety of situations, but it is not as good as the orc's. Belfs have the same utility as taurens in that they have a situational silence that can be useful, but it is not as good as the orc racials.


As an Alliance member, your best PVP races will be:Dwarf> Night Elf> Draenei is the order of importance. Rogues are one of the most difficult classes to fight in general, and especially so as a hunter. Stoneform removes all of these effects and causes the victim to bleed for 8 seconds, making it difficult to escape rogues. In addition, the stacking wound poison for healing reduction makes it difficult to survive.

Night Elf can be useful in some situations to get a shadowmeld drink, but for the most part, if you play properly with aspect of the viper and manage your mana efficiently, you should be able to get off a few ticks of drinks by using feign death. Dreanei, one of the most attractive aspects of this race is that you stand out from the crowd.


You want to have the most first aid supplies possible for those crucial moments when you step out of line and need to heal yourself. Aside from that, you just want to pick up some star's tears for use in the arena water. Pet food and arrows are recommended because some of your games may be lengthy if played correctly.


Enchanting gives you 4+ stats on both rings, but it won't be available during the first season, so you'll have to wait until the second arena season.

Jewelcrafting - A few one-of-a-kind gems that can provide a small boost to your stats.

Engineering - Foreman's Reinforced Helmet, this helm is extremely good, but it does not come with the meta gem. But if you're going to make this helmet, it'll probably be worth it. The Nigh Invulnerability Belt, as well as other random gadgets such as the Goblin Rocket Launcher, are also fun to experiment with.


The mana bar is the most effective and common way for survival hunters to win in arenas. Using Viper Sting off CD is your primary tool, with Rapid Fire being used when the enemy is either out of mana or during a CC chain with either your Scatter Shot into trap or Wyvern Sting as a backup.

Because of the RNG inherent in TBC, every situation during an arena match will always be different. As a result, scripting (to use the same way every game) offensive CDs isn't always going to be the best strategy in every situation.

Your only real offensive CD is going to be rapid fire, which has a 5 minute CD or a 3 minute CD if it's specced alongside your offensive trinket, if you're using one. As a survivor, your primary goal is to wither and dampen your opponents with viper stings and dampen. Ideally, you want to set up a CC chain on one of the players while putting the other player in a slow, root, or stun using Rapid Fire -> Aimed Shot -> Multi-Shot/Arcane Blast for a burst. In general, your most impactful offensive ability in pvp situations is a well-aimed shot. Try to get it off as much as possible to take advantage of improved wing clip procs, counterattack, entrapment, or even to get out of traps.

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