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All Is Well With Albuterol

Author: Sheila Agnew
by Sheila Agnew
Posted: Oct 10, 2014
albuterol inhaler

Respiratory disorders like asthma can be very frightful and painful. My grand mom was suffering from asthma. She used to get sudden attacks of asthma. She had to be prepared to facing the wrath of asthma attack 24*7. In order to help her face the problem she always had a spray in hand. As a child I used to wonder what this spray is and was curious to know about it. Am very fortunate enough to know about the inhaler now and would like to share with all about the inhaler. The inhaler is used to breathe in the air inside so that the person does not fall short of oxygen. There are few albuterol hfa side effects. To know what are side effects of albuterol inhaler and other details read below-

How to use albuterol?

Albuterol inhalation makes your muscles relax and lets the air flow into the lungs. Before using albuterol inhaler you should ensure that you are not allergic to albuterol or any of its constituent. If you are a heart patient, blood pressure problems, diabetes or thyroid patient then you should not be using albuterol inhaler or should at least consult doctor before using it. Ensure that you have read the instruction manual completely or asked your doctor about how to use albuterol inhaler. You should take a deep breath before inhaling the pump and the put it into your mouth and keep the lips closed tightly. While you are squeezing the pump at same time keep breathing slowly. After you are done using the inhaler hold your breath for about 10 seconds and then breathe out. In case you are asked to take more than one inhalations then you should at least keep gap of 1 minute before using it again.

Dosage level of albuterol-

You should take your doctor’s advice for knowing your dosage levels. Depending on the type of respiratory disorder that you are suffering from your doctor will advise you different dosage levels. Like in case you are suffering from acute asthma you will be advised adult dose of 2 puffs for about every 4-6 hours. The dosage level would also depend upon the age group as well.

What are side-effects of albuterol?

Like with most of medicines there are some side-effects of albuterol too. Legs, arms and hands shakiness are some side-effects to albuterol. Similarly some people have experienced irregular heart pounding as side-effects of albuterol. There can be other side-effects from albuterol inhaler apart from mentioned above. Kindly inform your doctor if you experience any side-effects of albuterol or if the side-effects get severe. Do not ignore side-effects of albuterol.

Where can you buy albuterol?

You can get albuterol in any of the chemist’s shop that has the approval to sell these types of inhalers or else you can also order them online. Many online stores offer the inhaler at reasonable costs.

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