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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Lamp Shades for Your Interiors

Author: Raj Prasad
by Raj Prasad
Posted: Dec 12, 2021

There is no setting that cannot be enhanced through beautiful lighting and illumination. Right from natural sources of light like sunshine to artificial ones like lighting fixtures and lamps, all of it makes a room look so much more fascinating. Lamps are one of the most popular home décor items. You can find one in almost every house. And why not? They come in the most exquisite designs, colours, shapes, and sizes. Indeed, they offer you a quick way to add warmth and character to your space. At the same time, no lamp can be considered complete without its shade. That is why lamp shade in various styles and shapes are proliferating in the market.

You can find them in a lot of designs and curves. Choosing a shade for your lamp is an important decision as you need to figure out which one can fit your lamp perfectly. Not only this, but you also need to consider the theme of your home, the fabric of the shade, and its style. It is not only about supporting the base of your lamp but also how it contributes to enhancing the overall look of your room. There’s no use in buying light shades that do not fit the occasion and place. Here is a quick run-through of the major points that you should keep in mind while purchasing one.

Choose the right fabric for the desired affect

While selecting the material or fabric of your shade, you need to determine the look that you want for your room and lamp. Lamp shades online in India can be found made of materials like linen, silk, cotton, and synthetics. Cotton fabric is quite durable and versatile, and so, is often used in decorative shades. It has a smooth texture and if you want your room to look rustic and elegant, you can pick a shade made of this material.

Pick light shades that compliment your interiors

Before looking at the design of the lamp shade, look at the space where you will keep it. For example, if you want a shade for your bedside table lamp, you might want to look into those that are compact and small. On the other hand, if you are looking for a shade for your floor lamp, then you can explore those that are wider. No matter what the case, you must take into account the surrounding where you will keep it.

Determine the purpose of the table lamp shades

Shades are not just there to diffuse the light from the bulb. Although this is its primary function, it can be used for other things too. For example, you can create a distinct mood or ambiance in your room by using darker shades. If you want to diffuse more light in any place, then instead of darker, try using light tone shades. If your goal is to attain maximum illumination, then an all-white shade will be the best option. On the other hand, if you desire to make lights your focal point, then choose a bolder material. It will surely look distinct among the room’s décor.

Measure the size of the lamp

Your standing lamp shades should be around two-thirds of the height of the lamp base. Pay attention to proportion here. For finding the right width of the shade, determine the dimensions of your lamp base and multiply it by two. If you have a lamp with a round base, measure straight across. In the case of a lamp with a square base, measure diagonally. The broadest portion of your shade needs to be half-inch broader than the widest portion of the base on every side. If your lamp is installed in a busy hallway, select a narrower shade. Paying attention to the dimensions of the lamp will help you find the right shade size.


As you can see, choosing the right lamp shades means considering the size of the lamp, your interior décor, and the kind of mood you want to create. The tips mentioned above will go a long way in helping you confidently make the right decision. It's time to find the right shade and give your interiors a ‘lightful’ makeover!

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