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5 Major Health Benefits of Organic Raw Sugar

Author: Dev Nair
by Dev Nair
Posted: Jul 16, 2021

With rising health concerns and the cynical campaigns to put an antagonistic image on sugar, people are refraining, especially the elderly, from using it in their diet. Although there may be some truth to those claims, sugars are not entirely bad for health. There are much better alternatives to refined sugars like organic sugars that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sugars that are made from organically grown sugar canes without any use of chemicals in production are labeled as organic sugars. They are a much better alternative to regular sugar in many ways.

Organic sugars are of two main types: refined and raw organic sugar. Refined organic sugars are processed to make them more appealing, while raw sugars are not processed and packed directly. Food governing bodies ensure the products are produced using organic farming methods and processing before labeling them as organic. So, you can be assured that you are consuming a safe product. However, not many are aware of the health benefits of consuming organic sugar. What makes organic sugar better than regular sugar? How does it benefit your health? Let us discuss.

Benefits of using organic raw sugar

The health benefits of organic sugar go far beyond appeasing your sweet tooth. The following are the five lesser-known health benefits of organic sugar:

  1. Pesticide-free

When farmers cultivate sugarcane, the most common obstacle they face during farming is fungal infestation such as red rot that wreaks havoc on production. Sugarcane is also prone to other pest infestation by grasshoppers, termites, whiteflies, and more. To overcome this, mostly chemicals like fungicides and pesticides are used. However, unfortunately, excess application of these harmful chemicals sometimes leads to cross-contamination of sugar cane juice by toxins present on the surface, which is then refined to make sugar.

So, that is how you may end up consuming sugar with high pesticide residue. When it comes to organic raw sugar, it is tested by food governing bodies and certified as pesticide-free. While consuming organic sugar, you can be sure you will not get any harmful effects of chemicals in the long term.

  1. Superior nutritional profile

Organic sugar cane has multiple vitamins, minerals, fibers, phytonutrients, and enzymes that aid the body to metabolise the naturally present sugars. The main minerals that play a significant role to digest sugars are phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, chromium, copper, cobalt, zinc, manganese, and iron.

It also has vitamins A, B1, B6, B2, C, pantothenic acid, and niacin, all of which work together to sustain the body. However, at the end of the day, sugar is primarily carbohydrates. So, irrespective of consuming organic or regular sugar, your body mostly gets glucose from it. The difference in nutrition is organic has added benefits, and regular sugar does not.

  1. Medicinal properties

In traditional medicines like Ayurveda and Unani, sugarcane juice is appreciated for its therapeutic properties to treat various diseases like jaundice. Herbal formulations made with sugarcane derivatives are used to treat iron deficiency. Since they have high iron and carbohydrate content, it is helpful in treating fatigue, febrile disorders, inflammatory diseases, intestinal ulcers, and more. With that being said, processing sugars removes these nutritional values. Thus, organic raw sugar is a better substitute for refined sugarcane products.

To reiterate, if you must consume sugar, use a non-crystallized, minimally refined sugar and consume it moderately with lots of nutritious whole grains and lipids to limit sugar absorption into your bloodstream.

  1. Better flavor profile

Organic sugar has better flavor compounds than regular refined sugar. This is because the refining process eliminates the volatile flavor compounds, and also the process includes chemicals like calcium hydroxide and sulfur dioxide lowering the flavor. Although organic sugars may go thorough refining, they will not involve the use of chemicals for processing. For an enhanced flavor profile, buy organic raw sugar.

  1. Reduces carbon footprint

Making an eco-friendly conscious choice is often the most ignored health benefit of organic sugar. Farmers who adopt organic farming methods not only yield better foods but also do so in an environmentally friendly manner. Organic farming, in the longer run, helps mitigate global warming. It also reduces pollution, water wastage and improves the quality of the soil. So, when you are adding organic sugar online to your cart, remember you are initiating a small step to preserve our environment.

Final thoughts

Cutting down sugars can reduce energy production and hinder critical metabolic processes. Instead of eliminating it from your diet, make better choices that can improve your health. Although organic raw sugar is not a superfood that can enhance your health, it is worth considering buying it.

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