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Handicap Vans signal a better future

Author: George Velvet
by George Velvet
Posted: Oct 10, 2014

Immobility is no more a problem due to the technological advancements made in the field of auto engineering. And, the perfect example of such headway is the handicap van. Any person with limited mobility can avoid the dilemma of transportability with this magical adaptation of the standard minivan. He or she would be free to move around without difficulty and most importantly without depending on others. The reason for immobility can be anything-- from genetic disorders to unfortunate accidents. The best part is that such mishaps leading to physical stagnation can now be overcome when you avail wheelchair vans.

Handicap vans can be broadly classified under two categories and each kind needs different type of conversions. The standard model is for when you would be a passenger in the car. The priority kept in mind while designing such vans would be easy entry to and exit from the van. But the real novelty lies in the other category. Mobility vans give you the option of driving your own vehicle even if you are bound to a wheelchair at home. Apart from a smooth entry into the van; the driver’s seat is suitably modified taking into consideration all the physical discomforts you might feel while shifting from wheelchair to the driver’s seat. All the ideas for conversion of a minivan to a wheelchair van are the result of continuous research work done by the skilled specialists.

If you do not plan to drive yourself then rear entry ramp is best suited for you. Handicap vans can come fitted with in-floor ramp that allows easy access into the minivan. The only difficulty is when you have to park parallel to the road. Otherwise this works best and gives maximum room for wider or longer wheelchairs or ones with leg rest. A side entry ramp is required when you plan to sit behind the wheels. The ramp would be built from the side door of the wheelchair van giving you an easy option to maneuver into the driver’s seat. The ramp is usually kept folded under the floor and unfolds the moment the side door opens. It is made of steel reinforced with aluminum and can withstand a load of up to 800 pounds. The best part is the van actually "kneels" by lowering the back corner when the ramp opens up.

The floor of the handicap vans is usually lower than standard models for the convenience of wheelchair control on the ramp. However, the floor height is not so compromised that it might get scraped on rough roads. Lower floor gives plenty of interior space and ample headroom for the driver. The specially designed driver’s seat can swivel to the sides giving you the ease of settling comfortably into the seat. Even all the foot pedals can be re-configured into hand controls positioned near the steering wheel. You can buy a wheelchair van or get your existing van converted into one or can even rent one. Contact the engineers engaged in such work and they will help you in deciding. The smiling faces of people leaving their shops are the true appreciation of the good work being done by these people. Check online for these Good Samaritans and start leaving your life.

To say goodbye to immobility opt for handicap vans. You get many options of customizing your wheelchair van when you buy from professional agencies.

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Author: George Velvet

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