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Cheap Bead Suppliers Who Supply the Beads in Bulk

Author: Ashley Lee
by Ashley Lee
Posted: Oct 11, 2014

Beads have multiples uses and probably religions have the need for beads in bulk. Starting from Hindus, their religious persons have been seen in pictures wearing beads threaded in form of ring around their necks. The number of them tells us the need for beads in bulk required in this sect of people. Besides their religious persons women have been using beads in their ornaments and later development of jewelry making industry necessitated bead supplies at a large scale.

Talking about religions, just see more than million pilgrims go to Mecca for pilgrimage every year, known as Hajj. Each pilgrim while coming back home brings with him the dozens of beaded rings, or ‘tasbeeh’ with him as gifts for his friends and dear ones. Each beaded ring contains a hundred beads and just imagines where the total goes. It runs in billions. This is the demand of beads in bulk. To produce bead supplies in billions of beads is a big job.

Beads for this purpose are made out of many materials. Wooden beads are the most common and are produced in maximum quantity. Factories are running day and night producing bead supplies. The other material used in making beads in bulk is plastic. This is another development in making beads and machines have made it easy and possible to produce large scale bead supplies. Metallic beads are also used for making these bead strings in rings. However the most primitive material used for beads making has been the stone.

The crystal is another and the latest material that joined the trade for making the beads. Now we have bead supplies in all these material and they all go to religious places and for religious purpose. The Muslims use them for keeping the count of repetitions of holy words they say in praise of Allah.

These beads in bulk are also consumed in the church as well for the rosaries the priests have with them. If we collect all the beads used in all the religions would probably make a bigger mountain than the highest peak in the world and we will find nothing other than beads in the world.

Now China has become the biggest producer of bead supplies. They have entered in every trade, business and production of all items. They have not spared this item. It may not be the major product of industry in China but have the maximum share in bead supplies in the market.

So far we have only talked about beads in bulk required by the religious institutions and their followers. This insignificant item otherwise is visible in huge quantity in this part of life. It looks beads are being made to meet this demand. However this is not the only part where beads in bulk are required. The fashion and beautification is another world for the bead supplies. Beads are the main item in making the ornaments and jewelry. The artificial jewelry is the biggest industry to consume beads in bulk. Here in fashion not only the quantity is required but quality is also the requirement.

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