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Blister Packaging – The Unit Dose Packaging Solution for Pharmaceutical Companies

Author: Lf America
by Lf America
Posted: Oct 11, 2014
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Unit dose packaging is a system that has been around for quite some time now. And it has created quite a difference in the way many consumer goods actually reach the end users. Cosmetic companies and pharmaceuticals are able to ensure that exact amount dosages are used by customers, cutting out the situation of over dosing, under dosing or having medical professionals administer the drug. With the help of unit dose packaging manufacturers are now able to interact with end users directly, eliminating the need of the middle man.

Blister packaging is a form of unit dose packaging that is used extensively by the pharmaceutical companies to get their products out to customers. This form is also used by other consumer goods manufacturers as well and is therefore considered to be quite versatile and highly effective. You can easily witness the use of this form of packaging in tablets, lozenges as well as capsules. They are easy to use and handle for the consumer and provide many obvious advantages to manufacturers as well. They help increase the shelf life of the products and provide an impermeable barrier against the elements, keeping the contents inside safe and secure for the use by the consumer. They also provide a way to ensure against product tampering because once the space holding the product is broken, it cannot be resealed. Blister packs therefore ensure proof of product authenticity and integrity.

Blister packaging or push through packaging works on a fairly simple principle. They use the form-fill-seal process, where there are rolls of flat films or sheets that have pharmaceutical products filled in them which are then sealed off by the blisterline. The seal, once broken, allows users to access the product but does not allow repackaging, thereby ensuring product integrity. This is an extremely effective form of unit dose packaging.

Various forms of this packaging system are used in consumer goods industries as well. In fact any push through pack that you see in the market, whether it encases toys, pens, electrical and electronic goods, hardware or any other product, it will be an evolved type of blister packaging. The reason why this form of unit dose packaging is so popular amongst manufacturers is the level of authenticity and tamper-proof features it provides. It is basically a guarantee that the product hasn’t been taken out of its packaging ever since its left its production facility. This is something that every consumer looks for in the product he/she buys and every manufacturer looks for to ensure safe packaging or their products.

The internet can offer many interesting solutions for incorporating unit dose packaging in your product assembly line as well. There are companies that you can outsource your entire packaging function to or you can purchase the casing and have them filled in at your facility. The choice is yours. In fact, is one of the most highly trusted websites when it comes to unit dose packaging solutions. Be sure to check it out.

About The Author

Gayle Adams is an expert in personal care and Over the Counter Products and offers all kinds of industry related advice in her articles for people to benefit from. is the name that she will recommend for contract filling, manufacturing, and formulation as well as packaging solutions.

About the Author

Gayle Adams is an expert in personal care and Over the Counter Products and offers all kinds of industry related advice in her articles for people to benefit from.

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