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Best Ways of Dealing With Clients Regarding Web Development Projects

Author: Esolz Technologies
by Esolz Technologies
Posted: Jul 19, 2021
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Explaining the whole web development project to clients in the best way possible is an art that requires constant effort. As a web developer, your goal is to solve the problems of your clients by creating brilliant websites and communicating with them properly. The web development part can be a breezy affair if you can explain your decisions and proposals properly and easily. But, this is not the case when it comes to dealing with clients in real life.

That is why we have come up with this blog to help web developers and designers communicate with their clients properly and make the whole process more streamlined. Often we see that web developers rely on industry jargon to explain the process and the decisions they have taken to better evaluate the project, and most clients are unaware of the technical terms used by the developers, and this results in further miscommunication.

On the other hand, clients come up with unreasonable requests because of a lack of knowledge about the web development process. This results in making the process tougher and untidy and leads to reduced satisfaction and revenues for even the best website development company on the block. This is one of the reasons why industry leaders are looking for web developers who are proficient in communication.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Organize more meetings with clients

According to the best web developers, client meetings are great opportunities for making everything clear right off the bat, getting to know the client’s business, and moving forward with the web development project as soon as possible. Doing some homework before the meeting can help.

  • Research the client’s industry. For example, if your client has a B2B business that offers consulting services to other businesses, try looking for similar websites. This will give you a better reference point for the kind of website your client wants you to develop.

  • Look at the client’s existing website and figure out why they want to revamp their website or any other digital product. This will help you offer the best possible solution to your clients that suits their business needs.

  • Look up the person you will be talking to. Most probably you already know the names of the people who will be talking to you during the first client meeting, therefore, getting to know them beforehand can help you a lot. For example, try to figure out their style of conducting business and whom to ask the specific questions, therefore, research their LinkedIn profiles.

The next step is to put forth your vision of the project. Make clear-cut and concrete reasons to support your decisions and try explaining that in the easisest way possible without relying on technical terms.

2. Explain the way you conduct your web development process

Every company has a different process of web development and even the best website development company in India has its way of going about with the web development process. And as a web developer, your job is to educate your client on that process in the easiest way possible without using industry jargon.

We have highlighted a process that can be used as an example for your projects.

Step 1- Collecting information

The first step of the web development process is collecting as much information as possible about the client and their business needs so that you can develop a brilliant web product that suffices the needs of the client and their business. Extract valuable information from the clients such as information about them, the target audience they want to cater to, and the competition that you were unable to find out yourself. Given below are the seven basic knowledge areas that need to be addressed here:

  • Client

  • Project

  • Brand of the client

  • Features of the future project and the needs that will be met with the help of the project.

  • Target audience

  • Project time

  • Budget.

If you can get the answers to these questions, you will be developing proper functionality and plan accordingly.

Step 2- Planning

This is another crucial step since it involves crafting a sitemap according to the information you gathered during the first step. Although you can use written content for clarity of communication, you can also utilize visual assets for your sitemap because visual content is easily remembered and understood.

Additionally, some clients can get confused with the outcome of the project, therefore, using a visual sitemap complete with all the specific project milestones is a better idea. For example, you can use the sitemap tool from the best website development company for creating a visual sitemap.

3. Practice empathy and consistency

This is more of a tip that can boost your communication skills for building better relationships and improving your reputation as a web development professional. The key point about explaining your web development process is remaining positive, empathetic, and consistent.

Also, try to put yourself in their shoes sometimes, since in most cases, your clients will not share their experience and knowledge for various reasons. However, if you are empathetic and consistent, they will open up and share information and provide detailed answers to your queries. You need to be consistent when providing answers and updating them regularly about the web development process. In this way, you will be building a professional image and shape your business for the long run.

You need to know that: not are you building a website, you are also building a relationship and a brand image, which will help you stay afloat in the web development business and become the best website development company.


Dealing with clients can be a taxing job for web developers and project managers, but explaining the way you do things and why you do it that particular way, can help in making things clearer. We hope this blog will help you in dealing with your future clients with ease and run the future project more seamlessly.

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